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Full Episode - Turnkey 365 Podcast

Turnkey 365 Podcast - Mastering Legacy ERP in a Cloud Era

A Podcast for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users

This discussion between Bob McAdam of Cavallo and Chuck Coxhead of the Turnkey 365 Podcast is crucial for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users who are experts in logistics and warehouse management. It highlights the importance of balancing legacy systems like Dynamics GP with modern technological advancements. This conversation is particularly relevant as businesses grapple with decisions about migrating to cloud-based solutions.

For Many Businesses, Sticking with Dynamics GP is the Smart Move

Uncover the strategic insights behind Cavallo's commitment to Dynamics GP and SalesPad, and how they're revolutionizing warehouse and distribution operations in an age where cloud computing is king.

Execution in Organization: How Dynamics GP and SalesPad Work

Cavallo’s commitment to Dynamics GP and its product SalesPad is rooted in the desire to provide comprehensive solutions for distribution businesses. SalesPad enhances Dynamics GP by streamlining various operational processes such as order management, workflow, inventory control, and integrating with e-commerce platforms. This approach enables businesses to optimize their current systems without rushing into cloud migration, ensuring stability and efficiency in operations.

Unique Features: What Cavallo Offers


Cavallo's solution, centered around Dynamics GP and SalesPad, offers several unique features:

  • Workflow Optimization: Transforming traditional paper-based workflows into efficient digital processes.

  • Omni-channel Support: Integrating with various e-commerce platforms and handling diverse customer interactions.

  • Mobility and Flexibility: Facilitating remote operations through mobile applications and cloud compatibility.

  • Customization and Integration: Tailoring solutions to specific business needs and integrating with various third-party services.

  • Support for Legacy Systems: Providing long-term support for Dynamics GP, ensuring stability for businesses not ready for cloud migration.


When it Comes to Dynamics GP, You'll Need a Partner Who's in it for the Long Haul


This podcast episode with Bob McAdam offers invaluable insights into the strategic management of legacy systems in a technology-evolving landscape. Cavallo’s approach demonstrates the importance of supporting and enhancing existing systems while keeping an eye on future technological shifts. For businesses, particularly in distribution and logistics, this perspective offers a roadmap for balancing stability with innovation, ensuring long-term growth and adaptability. The podcast underlines the value of careful decision-making in technology adoption, emphasizing that immediate migration to cloud-based solutions may not always be the most strategic or cost-effective choice.

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