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Turnkey 365 Podcast - ERP Academy 

Turnkey 365 ERP Academy - Bills of Material in Microsoft Dynamics GP and BC

A Podcast for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users

In this informative session, join Turnkey's industry experts Kurt Quiggle, Bob Richardson, and Chuck Coxhead as they explore the dynamics of manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Dynamics GP. Whether you're a seasoned BC user or a loyal GP fan, this discussion offers insights into the world of bills of materials, workflows, and notifications.

Make Manufacturing Seamless By Mastering Bills of Materials in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and GP!
Key Takeaways:


  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Mastery: Dive deep into how both BC and GP handle BOM, exploring components, revisions, and the critical details that make manufacturing operations seamless.

  • Workflow Wonders: Discover the power of workflows and notifications in enhancing manufacturing processes. Learn how these tools keep you ahead of the game, ensuring timely adjustments and real-time updates.

  • Routing Revelations: Follow the manufacturing journey from BOM creation to production orders. Uncover the routing sequences, labor assignments, and scheduling nuances in both BC and GP.

How Do Dynamics BC and GP Differ?

In the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Dynamics GP, understanding the intricacies of manufacturing processes, particularly in managing items, materials, and bill of materials (BOM), is paramount for users. This conversation delves into the core elements of production order creation, material management, and BOM execution within the ERP systems. For both seasoned experts and new users, this discussion provides insights into how these ERP platforms handle manufacturing workflows, drawing parallels between Dynamics GP and Business Central.

How Does This Apply to My Organization?

The conversation begins by emphasizing the importance of creating a production order efficiently. In Dynamics BC, this involves entering the part number and quantity, and the system auto-generates associated BOM and routing information. Similarly, Dynamics GP, a mature ERP product, employs a slightly different approach, but the fundamental process remains comparable. The discussion navigates through the item and BOM creation process, highlighting the role of components and the significance of maintaining accurate and traceable information.

The ERP systems manage the production journey seamlessly, from creating production orders to tracking the flow of materials through various stages of manufacturing. Both Dynamics GP and Business Central offer tools for routing and work center management, assigning labor categories, set-up times, machine times, and other critical parameters. Users can visualize the entire manufacturing process, ensuring smooth operations.

Bill of Material Creation is Critical to Maintaining Inventory and Ensuring Traceability:

This conversation distinguishes itself by presenting a side-by-side comparison of how Dynamics GP and Business Central address manufacturing challenges. It brings attention to the similarities in terminology, processes, and functionalities, facilitating a smooth transition for users familiar with one system moving to the other.

The focus on item management and BOM creation sheds light on the critical role of these elements in maintaining accurate inventories and ensuring the traceability of components. Understanding the nuances of handling serialized items, managing revisions, and associating technical drawings adds a layer of depth to the discussion, providing practical insights for optimizing manufacturing workflows.

Additionally, the conversation touches upon the significance of workflows and notifications in ERP systems, emphasizing their role in streamlining processes, reducing manual errors, and enhancing overall productivity. Both platforms, GP and Business Central, offer tools for workflow management, and this episode prompts users to consider the implementation of these features to meet specific business needs.

Optimizing Manufacturing Workloads:

As a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central user, this conversation provides a comprehensive overview of manufacturing processes within the ERP system. It serves as a valuable resource for navigating item management, BOM creation, and production order execution. The episode's emphasis on practicality and real-world scenarios makes it an essential watch for users seeking to optimize their manufacturing workflows, whether they are transitioning from Dynamics GP or starting fresh with Business Central.

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