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Full Episode: Turnkey 365 Podcast

Turnkey 365 Podcast - Safety Stock IS Insurance

A Podcast for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users

Whether you're a small business owner, a supply chain manager, or just curious about efficient inventory strategies, this video is your go-to resource.

Listen to experts Warren Owen and Karen Wainright of Netstock as they navigate the complexities of safety stock, share unique insights on Netstock, and discuss the transition from traditional methods to cutting-edge cloud-based solutions.

Safety Stock: Crucial for Surviving All-Too Common Supply Chain Disruptions

Safety stock is crucial for experts in inventory planning, especially in the wake of disruptions like the pandemic. Traditional inventory strategies were challenged, highlighting the need for robust safety stock management. This podcast sheds light on the nuances of safety stock, a concept vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and business continuity during supply chain disruptions.

Safety Stock's Real World Application in the Business World

The podcast delves into the implementation of safety stock in various business settings. It emphasizes the common challenges businesses face, such as determining the right amount of safety stock and integrating it into existing inventory systems. Real-world examples illustrate how businesses from small to large scale tackle these challenges, often moving from manual methods like spreadsheets to sophisticated cloud-based solutions for better efficiency and accuracy.

What Makes Netstock Unique?

The guest, Warren, highlights Netstock as a solution catering to small and medium-sized businesses, offering a cloud-based approach for safety stock management. This tool allows businesses to move beyond traditional, manual inventory methods, providing more accurate and dynamic safety stock calculations. It helps businesses balance inventory needs with financial constraints, ensuring optimal stock levels without overinvestment.

An Invaluable Conversation for Challenging Times 

This podcast is invaluable for anyone involved in inventory management and planning. It offers insights into the complexities of safety stock, the transition from traditional to modern inventory management practices, and the application of new tools like Netstock. It underscores the importance of safety stock in ensuring customer satisfaction and business resilience, making it a must-listen for professionals in this field.

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