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Embracing the Evolution of Microsoft Dynamics GP: A Closer Look at Recent Updates

Updated: Apr 30


Microsoft Dynamics GP, a stalwart in the realm of business management solutions, has been a subject of speculation regarding its future. At Turnkey Technologies our GP team is committed to enhancing the functionality of Dynamics GP. Senior GP Consultant Kurt Quiggle recently discussed how Dynamics GP is far from being obsolete. In this blog post, we'll delve into his key takeaways and shed light on the recent updates that highlight the continued relevance of Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP Fixed and Modern Lifecycle

The Life Cycle of Dynamics GP

There have been recent concerns about the life cycle and longevity of Dynamics GP. Despite ongoing discussions about transitioning to other Microsoft products, Dynamics GP is very much alive. The timeline for new customer sales, perpetual licenses, and subscription sales are discussed, providing users with a clearer understanding of the product's trajectory.

Recent Updates and Enhancements

Microsoft recently released several updates, showcasing their dedication to addressing user concerns and making the platform more user-friendly. Some of the updates are:

  1. Redisplay Button for Window Refresh Users can now enjoy a more seamless experience with the addition of a redisplay button for refreshing windows. This seemingly simple feature can significantly improve user interaction and efficiency.

  2. Year-End Adjustments Handling Dynamics GP now offers improved handling of year-end adjustments, allowing users to make necessary corrections without disrupting their workflow. This update reflects a commitment to refining existing processes.

  3. Enhanced Email Setup for Statements and Remittances The email setup for statements and remittances has been enhanced, offering users greater flexibility. This improvement streamlines communication processes and provides a more user-centric experience.

  4. Printing 1099 Forms with Lines A noteworthy update is the introduction of graphical reports with lines for printing 1099 forms. This addresses a long-standing issue of aligning information on preprinted forms, offering a more user-friendly solution.

  5. Decimal Places in Reports Dynamics GP users can now enjoy improved accuracy in reports, as the platform now honors decimal places as defined in item setups. This update eliminates inconsistencies in certain reports and contributes to a more reliable reporting system.

Looking Ahead

Despite the ongoing push to transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft is still investing in Dynamics GP. Users are encouraged to explore and embrace the new features and improvements introduced through updates, as Dynamics GP continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of businesses.


These recent insights shared by Kurt Quiggle, paint a promising picture for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Far from being declared obsolete, Dynamics GP is evolving to meet the demands of its user base. The recent updates and enhancements demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to the platform, providing users with a robust and reliable business management solution. Turnkey is here to support Dynamics GP customers and they can rest assured that the platform is not only alive but thriving with continuous improvements.

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