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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Connect and Engage Your Customers to Build Relationships that Endure

Insight-Based Sales
Earn Repeat Business
Engage Customers
Business Discussion

Lean on Turnkey to Automate Your Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) is a centralized, automated customer relationship management solution. Turnkey Technologies empowers your team to leverage powerful technology that improves your marketing efforts, boosts sales, and effectively manages your customer relationships. 

Improve relationships within every department


Turnkey empowers you with information you can leverage to make profitable decisions. Keep your sales force productive so they can engage, collaborate and close more business.


In most organizations, the marketing and selling teams are challenged with coordination, effectiveness, and speed. 


With the right tools, marketing can truly support sales. Sales can contribute the information needed for marketing to give the enterprise those critical degrees of differentiation that maximize its market share. 


A modern marketing solution must handle large data sets and is truly integrated with the sales and customer service components, leveraging all inputs to provide better insights and deliver improved messaging to digital platforms, email channels, direct selling, advertising, and interactive web/ecommerce sites. 


Our team can help you bridge the gap, gain credible insights, and predict or react to changing market conditions.

Project Operations

If your business delivers services in distinct projects, you are probably managing milestone-based, task-oriented materials and labor using traditional project-management tools. 


Whether you are professional/technical services, architects, engineers or contractors, you will see tremendous gains with integrated project operations components that help you streamline your teams from bid to warranty, using modern integrated cloud technologies to improve control, reduce costs and contain risks. 


Manage all aspects of the project from planning to scheduling and coordinating resources and all materials management from a single platform.

Field Service

Among the most challenging business models to support with customer-oriented technologies are those in which distributed field resources must be scheduled, tasked, and empowered with the tools, products and supplies needed to accomplish their mission. 


Whether your customers are businesses or households, a fully integrated field services management solution will drive customer satisfaction and connect the field agents to the call center and operating units. 


We have the right technologies and experience to organize your team and support your brand.

Customer Service

Keeping happy customers provides twice the contribution margin as replacing them with new ones. Churn and defection is a constant challenge. Having the right digital customer service solution can be key to your success in loyalty-based brand value. 


We deliver digital applications and process consulting for call center, case management, portal and mobile self-service, and omnichannel connectedness.  Let us help you uncover the many ways to help your customers get the most from your company’s products and services. 


Manage agent performance, improve resource awareness, accelerate their ability to deliver knowledge, and use powerful Business intelligence to find root causes and common issues with our market-leading cloud solutions.

Industry enhancements

Get ahead with industry-leading CRM templates and accelerators. 


We offer many best-practice improvements to the baseline “out-of-the-box” solution, so CRM meets your specific needs. 


Our experienced team has helped may organizations with enhanced functionality in manufacturing, health care, financial services, supply chain management, retail, professional services, and warehouse management. 

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Let's get started.

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"With training and mentoring from Turnkey Technologies, I am able to configure our Dynamics CRM to serve specific business needs. I've never been known as a 'tech savvy' person until now. We have had success with our CRM investment thanks to the partnership with Turnkey Technologies".

~ Operations Manager, Domaine Wine Storage

Know Your Audience to Help Close More Deals

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Identify who is most likely to buy

  • Drive engagement with personalized content

  • Connect with customers

  • Take the next best action

  • Streamline customer research

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Understand your customers better with the right data

  • Create brilliant dashboards and gain valuable customer insights 

  • Track every single stage of the sales process with a 360-degree view 

  • Get a complete view of interactions

  • Improve your marketing efforts and reach more customers with effective data-driven marketing campaigns

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Build a loyal customer base

  • Keep your customers in continuous communication – no more searching for the last point of contact 

  • Enter data and access customer information from anywhere, on any device 

  • Strengthen customer relationships with relevant, personalized messaging

  • Provide more meaningful customer interactions by connecting your sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

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Start increasing your productivity from day one

  • Seamlessly connect your sales, marketing, and customer service departments–no matter where they are located geographically 

  • Share customer information and dashboards to collaborate on deals 

  • Use familiar tools like Outlook, Excel, and Teams

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"The Turnkey solution has allowed us to focus on providing superior value to our customers by enabling us to spend more time improving our product and services. Turnkey's expertise and creativity developed a leading-edge system that customers have embraced, improving their effectiveness as well as ours."

~ CFO, DNA Genetics

How Can Turnkey Technologies Help with Dynamics 365 CE/CRM?

Understand your customers in real-time
Turnkey can help you tailor your sales, marketing, and service engagements to give your customers the experience they expect. 
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"Turnkey's technical and functional skills with CRM are a great asset. Being able to build our documents and integrate them seamlessly with CRM has made the quoting process more accessible and user-friendly. These improvements are a true testament to the quality of their people."

~ IT Director, Santinelli International

Fast, Painless Implementation

Turnkey Technologies experts tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM to meet your industry-specific requirements and streamline your business processes to match the way you work. Microsoft hosts, maintains, and updates the software automatically with a cloud-based solution, taking the load off your IT department.


  • Get a technical boost with advanced help for your unique requirements

  • Flexible and highly scalable 

  • Lower the cost of IT and in-house maintenance

Build Self-Service Customer Portals

Portals help companies prioritize and manage personalized customer experiences to turn customers into fans. Turnkey professionals enable self-service portals so customers can resolve issues autonomously. Stay close to your customers by gathering feedback in real-time to improve customer experiences. 

Unmatched CE/CRM Troubleshooting skills

Whether you are new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE or have been working with it for a while, we can help you troubleshoot to identify the issues standing in the way of productivity. We resolve the problem quickly and offer training to ensure your team continues to get the most value from your CE/CRM. 

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Cultivate long-lasting relationships to grow your business.

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