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Dedicated Microsoft Dynamics Technical Support with Turnkey Hypercare

Your success is our priority

Why Turnkey HyperCare?

Need support for your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and business information systems?


You probably desire much more than just technical assistance or troubleshooting. At Turnkey, we know you're looking for a comprehensive experience that ensures your systems not only run smoothly but also continuously evolve to meet your business needs.


Here's what you're really after:

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Proactive Problem-Solving

Companies want support teams that do more than just react to issues as they arise. You're looking for partners who can anticipate potential challenges and address them before they impact the business. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and keeps operations running smoothly.


Deep Understanding of Your Business

You seek support from those who don't just understand the technical side of systems but also grasp how they support your company's specific business processes and objectives. This level of understanding enables the support team to provide tailored advice that drive business value.

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Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Beyond fixing bugs, companies crave support to optimize and enhance ERPs and business information systems over time, including suggestions for new features or modules that could improve efficiency, insights on best practices, and guidance on leveraging systems to support growth and change.

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Responsive and Accessible Support

When issues do arise, you should expect quick and easy access to support. You're looking for responsive service, whether that's through a helpdesk, online chat, or direct phone support, with minimal wait times and fast resolution of your problems.


Training and Empowerment

Companies recognize that the true power of ERP and business information systems lies in how well their teams can use them. You want support that includes comprehensive training and resources for your staff, ensuring users are proficient and can leverage the system's full capabilities.


Strategic Partnership

Ultimately, companies are looking for a support experience that feels like a partnership. You want to work with providers who are invested in your success and who will work with them over the long term to ensure your ERP and business information systems continue to meet your evolving needs.


Scalability Support

As companies grow, their needs change. You'll want assurance that your support provider can help you scale your systems, whether that means adding new users, expanding into new areas, or integrating with other software. You need guidance and support that grows with you.

Turnkey 365 Hypercare provides industry-leading customer experience that leaves zero doubt in the mind of our customers that the Turnkey team is truly their favorite partner, delivering on this vision in every way.

Join them today!

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“Turnkey stands out because in addition to giving us what we need right now, they anticipate what we'll need in the future. By fully understanding our requirements, they are able to devise a long-term strategy for us to maximize the benefits of this technology."

~ VP of Operations, Shapiro Metals
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