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Government Contractor

Meeting Compliance and Specifications 

Meet Quality Standards

 On-time Delivery

Robust Security 

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Contractors that provide products and services to the Government turn to Turnkey Technologies for secure Microsoft Cloud business software.

Contractors that work with the Government face challenges to cope with multiple business processes and adjust to a constantly changing political, technological, and industrial landscape. 

Civilian defense, commercial and non-governmental organizations must meet government compliance requirements to secure contract awards. 

For government contracting companies to succeed, Turnkey Technologies implements modern software that helps them deliver quality products and services and meet critical deadlines.

We offer best-of-breed Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, ERP software for government contractors that works seamlessly with familiar Microsoft tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, Power BI, and more. Regardless of your company’s size or budget, you can leverage Microsoft's artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your work with automation to get more done. 

For example:

  • You can easily manage projects (CLIN), subprojects (SLIN), indirect costs, funding sources, resource allocations, real-time actual effort/cost to estimate analysis, and more from a single place.

  • You can quickly pivot when there are changes to order quantities by leaning on proven Microsoft capabilities to ensure you produce the correct amount and deliver faster.   

  • An intelligent procurement system can suggest how much to order with automatic calculations based on orders, shipments, available stock, and in-transit purchases when purchasing raw materials. 

If your organization relies on third-party software for industry features like product configuration or sales quoting, we have deep experience creating integrated, all-in-one solutions using Microsoft's flexible cloud integration platform.

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Let's get started.

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From the beginning, Microsoft has focused its software innovations on solving real-world business challenges with advanced technologies to ease the burden for every size company. 

Built for Microsoft Azure, the world's most secure cloud for business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to meet strict government security, compliance, and quality requirements. The best ERP for government contractors, it also includes standard and advanced functionality that enables you to run your operations efficiently and deliver the highest level of visibility and flexibility to your clients.

Without the capabilities that come with Microsoft solutions, it is not easy for businesses to meet the demands of working within the highly regulated Government Contracting industry. 

Our experienced Turnkey consultants are industry-proficient and can implement a system that works the way you do.

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Industry Trends

As it's been for the past decade, the so-called 'Big Five' defense contractors take the top spots for Government Contracting: Lockheed Martin (No. 1), Raytheon (No. 2), General Dynamics (No. 3), Boeing (No. 4), and Northrop Grumman (No. 5) 

But spending to combat Covid-19 pushed a record number of companies into defense contracting for the first time.

Technology continued to be a massive contributor to federal market growth. 

  • It grew by $6.8 billion year-over-year, the single largest growth year on record. 

  • Information technology is consistently among the markets with reliable growth rates each year, growing to $76.2 billion in fiscal 2020 from $57.3 billion in fiscal 2016. 

  • The market was on a growth trajectory before Covid-19 due to continued investment in IT modernization. The technology sector grew beyond forecast as agencies adopted remote work measures in fiscal 2020.

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Top Industry Challenges

Stringent compliance standards 

Government contractors have always faced accounting and financial management and DCAA audit challenges, as the standards are higher than the commercial sector. The stringent, complex, and seemingly ever-changing accounting and contract regulatory requirements can be incredibly daunting for small and midsize businesses

Efficient responses to project bids

Gathering all the information needed to respond to a project bid can be a big project. Extracting data from legacy systems is time-consuming with disconnected business solutions.  Complexities in cost-plus contract requirements mandate precise price estimating based on too many variables to manage manually.

Security features – Sensitive Defense data requires rock-solid security and vigilant monitoring. Ensuring company data is protected and meets government standards is a priority.  Based on the level of security the projects demand, Cybersecurity ERP systems often need to reside in Azure GCC or Azure GCC High or the contractor can not win the award.

Risk mitigation - Companies need to anticipate and implement systems, policies, and procedures to comply with ever-changing requirements. While contracts can be long-term, contractors are at risk if they are not prepared for change. 

Lack of Trained Personnel - Companies should ensure they have skilled personnel put policies and procedures in place to help prevent errors and adjust them when noticed. If personnel are not familiar with accounting processes common to government contract accounting, they can lose confidence in the accounting software itself.

Failure to Keep Pace – Change is standard in the Government Contracting industry. New administrations, shifting responses to the health crisis, or the regular cadence of new regulations contributes to changing obligations. Companies should anticipate and implement systems, policies, and procedures to meet current and future requirements.

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Let's get started.

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Benefits to expect with Turnkey Technologies by your side:

Our ERP/Accounting experts can assist you by implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions to manage costs, gain visibility for operations, and ensure government compliance

Turnkey Technologies has the know-how to solve Government Contracting challenges

Our team has direct experience with the unique and changing demands for compliance, security, and business processes to support subcontractors and civilian companies providing products and services to Government Contractors. Trust our team's hands-on experience to meet audit standards and ensure every detail is addressed. We keep up with industry changes by attending industry educational conferences frequently.

The Turnkey team offers integration to GSA (Government Services Administration) As the federal government procurement division, GSA joins the private sector with federal agencies to fulfill their products and services needs.  Real-time integrations deliver accurate rules for pricing g&a project costs.

Turnkey Technologies solution for Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)Turnkey Technologies adds significant value to our clients by meeting specific industry needs with custom development. We help companies like you mitigate risk by enabling you to deliver services and projects that meet the DCAA guidelines and security standards. Our business process controls and intelligent reporting help solve your biggest challenges.

Turnkey Technologies is acquiring CMMC Level One credentials to support our customer's compliance requirements. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and other government agencies require Government Contractors and sub-contractors who process sensitive data in the supply chain to protect sensitive government data with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

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Strengthen Visibility

Solve your issues with poor access to data once and for all with Microsoft's powerful reporting and visualization tools to unlock insights. At last, you can leverage all the information your team inputs daily with dashboards and reports that make sense of your data. Rest assured that you can trust your business decisions with facts to back them up. 

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Lean on the Turnkey team to become a data-driven organization.

  • Empower your people to self-serve reports. 

  • Mix and match data from multiple sources to see the complete picture. 

  • Create instant reports against live business data.  

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Robust Security

Microsoft offers the world's most comprehensive approach to security with Azure Cloud. Their security, compliance, identity, and managing investments keep your data protected and safe.  

Azure Cloud allows you to deploy solutions in a CMMC-compliant location – and is trusted as the most secure government space. Azure offers controls with support for GCC High to meet communications compliance. 

Turnkey Technologies can support you with Azure Cloud to protect your business data across clouds, platforms, and devices to reduce the risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

Improve Daily Operations

If you are like many commercial and government subcontractors, you manage your business by disconnected spreadsheets – a practice that is proven to be unproductive. We offer one integrated system to ensure data is entered one time, accurately, and accessible to all who have permission. 

Our clients rave about the detailed audit trails and role-based workspaces that increase every department's efficiencies. Imagine your purchasing department knowing what needs attention each day and expediting their work. Or your warehouse personnel knowing what to release today to keep your promised delivery date.  

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Let's get started.

"We tried for years to locate a partner and solution that would handle our needs but we always hit roadblocks. Turnkey got us past those roadblocks with a 'We Can!' attitude and a drive to meet our needs."

~ Controller, DNA Genetics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Benefits

  • Work securely from wherever you are, anytime, from any internet device

  • Affordable options for a hosted solution to reduce infrastructure costs

  • Manage and integrate a company's financials, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities with one solution

  • Increase productivity with software that works the way you do

  • Get control of financial management with detailed drill-downs to source information

  • Improve customer service with information at your fingertips

  • Run your projects more efficiently with the right software features

  • Improve supply chain and operations management

  • Understand your data to make better decisions through business intelligence and AI.

  • Meet Contract Accounting Standards (CAS) compliance

  • FedRamp Certified, available in GCC

  • Manage Subcontractors with advanced capabilities

  • Bill faster, collect faster and provide self-service to your customers

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