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Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management


Comprehensive ERP Software for Midsize-to-Large Enterprises

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management is a comprehensive financialmanufacturing, and retail solution that streamlines business processes, manages complex financial structures, and enables global expansion while reducing organizational risk. Designed for the cloud and also available on-premise, Dynamics 365 offers the flexibility to fit various budgets and requirements of both midsize and large enterprises.

The Turnkey Technologies experienced team unravels the complexities of large businesses to run seamlessly on Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management business management ERP software. Our knowledgeable, friendly professionals transform your work processes and empower your people to meet their needs today, and seamlessly scales the solution as they grow. 


Connect your data, processes, and teams with intelligent business applications.

Redefine what is possible.

Bring together customers, products, people, and data, for a connected workspace to reach more customers in more places.

Unify data across your organization.

Connect people with continuous insights to enable every decision and action to move you closer to your business vision


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides organizations with complete scalability and workforce flexibility on the planet's most secure cloud for business. Work remotely from where

you are 24/7.

Streamline your user experience

Role-based workspaces and a simple user experience enable users to dive deep into product functionality with fewer clicks. 

Industry enhancements

Get ahead with out-of-the-box, enhanced functionality in manufacturing, supply chain management, retail, professional services, and warehouse management. 

Automate financial and human capital management

Simplify and automate your financial and human capital management processes to increase the efficiency of your back office.

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Let's get started.

Is Your Legacy ERP Software Putting Your Business at Risk?

Gain a business leader's perspective on the risks of staying on a slow-moving or legacy ERP solution.

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Presented by Chris Gherardini
President & CEO of Turnkey Technologies

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Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management Capabilities

Financial management and reporting

Expense management

Project management and accounting

Country/region functionality

Human capital management (HR)

Cost management


Distribution and warehousing

Planning and scheduling

Retail and commerce

Product information management

Business Intelligence and reporting

Procurement and sourcing

Organization administration

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Find the Perfect Fit

Start with a base license and attach additional applications as needed! For example:

Finance only = $180 user/month
Supply Chain only = $180 user/month
Finance + Supply Chain = $210 user/month

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Achieve your business goals with Turnkey Technologies by your side.

Our deep experience helping many organizations simplify their complex processes using Microsoft technologies is just the start. Our team lives and breathes document management, workflows, manufacturing, supply chain management, and analytics every day.


"I always have a good experience with Turnkey. They are the Jedis. I always feel smarter and in good hands when working with them. We don't have any support without Turnkey and they're always available to steer us straight when we're in trouble."

~ Tim Day, Domaine

Partner with Turnkey Technologies to transform your business to meet today’s demands

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Always be ready for what’s next

Turnkey Technologies helps you meet high customer expectations with next-gen Microsoft technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and insightful analytics to help you rapidly respond to change. 

Allow everyone to make an impact every day

The Turnkey professional team empowers your team to collaborate in the Microsoft cloud. We’ll guide you to use low-code apps to tap into the hard-earned knowledge and experience of those on your team who know where the bottlenecks are within your work processes.

Get intelligent answers when you need them

The Turnkey Dynamics team consists of software developers and consultants spanning numerous industries, as well as CPAs, former CFOs, and other decision-makers that have lived your struggles and are experts at overcoming them. We can help you envision what’s possible with current technology and offer a roadmap you can rely on for success.

Strategic planning and legacy transition

We ensure that you can confidently and cost-effectively transition from your legacy system to a modern, Dynamics-based solution. Prior to beginning any implementation, we help align all your solution stakeholders and ensure the project meets your goals, organizational requirements, and budget. See ERP Services for more details.

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