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Professional Services

Managing People, Processes, and Systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improve Response Times

 Estimate Accurately

Earn Customer Trust

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Turnkey Technologies professionals have the know-how to boost profitability for Professional Services companies.

It's not easy to track resources, manage schedules, deliver quality services, meet deadlines, and bill accurately. We live and breathe professional services ourselves, so we know all too well the challenges of providing efficient services and managing every detail. And like you, we understand how essential it is to keep projects on time and within budget to meet customer expectations. 

That's why we offer best-of-breed Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, next-gen software that works seamlessly with familiar Microsoft tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, and MS Project.  

Our skilled consultants will find out how your people do their work and make the software work for you, not the other way around. Best of all, we not only know how the software works, but we know industry best practices to help you get more work done.

Industry Trends

The global professional services market grew to over $6 trillion in 2021. Facing increased competition, changing client expectations, and a lack of skilled resources, the industry looks to software technology to fuel further growth and manage the people, processes, and services to meet customer demand. 

Annual revenues for companies who embrace professional services automation showed significant growth (166.3 million) compared to those who did not automate (71.6 million) (SPI Research) 

88% of companies in the professional services industry plan to adopt cloud computing by 2025 (World Economic Forum, 2020).

34% of customers rate AI automation and robotics as "excellent" for customer experience (NTT, 2021)

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Top Industry Challenges


Lack of project visibility – the need to view project profitability, budget to actual, and resource usage in real-time


Managing complex billing – it's not easy meeting customer billing expectations without the capability to manage:

  • multiple customers for one project

  • fixed price billing

  • time and materials billing

  • coordinating WIP review, markup, and adjustments across teams

  • multiple projects on the same invoice. 

  • combine different resource rates and billing methods, often within a single project or project phase

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Utilizing resources – lack of consolidated views means you may under or overutilize resources. Matching skilled resources with the right competencies and availability for a project is critical for quality service.


Meeting budget and time constraints – taking corrective actions without a clear picture of real-time progress is difficult.


Managing complex dependencies – the process of recognizing, anticipating, and managing dependencies between tasks, people, processes, and systems. Without automation tools, this becomes a daunting task. 

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Benefits to expect with Turnkey Technologies by your side:

Our ERP and CRM experts can assist you by implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions that enable workforce management to be the strategic foundation of your firm's success.

Lean on Turnkey Technologies' professionals to transform your company with proven technology and experience to help you compete and thrive. 

See the big picture

Benefit from tight integration with Microsoft Project Desktop with cross-platform options to work from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement,  Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions

  • Gain real-time visibility to guide project initiatives, track financial KPIs and drive continuous improvements across delivery workstreams

  • Achieve accurate real-time views of project profitability with advanced project costing

  • Monitor WIP status with audit-friendly tools

  • Know which client projects are succeeding and which are at risk by centralizing all data and activities in real-time

  • Provide Business Intelligence (BI) and management insight to measure profitability and make informed business decisions

"The Turnkey team understands every aspect of our business; what we do, where we are, where we want to be, and how to overcome potential challenges to getting there. Their innovative solution and commitment to supporting us have made a huge, positive difference in how we provide our services."

~ VP of Operations, EMSAR

Improve efficiencies

  • Simplify time and expense recording with mobile apps out of the box

  • Streamline quote-to-cash to project booking within Microsoft CRM 

  • Benefit from drag and drop Gantt charts for soft and hard booking

  • Grow top-line services revenue and improve margins by streamlining your resource utilization

  • Manage complex projects with a 9-level work breakdown structure 

  • Holistically manage all resources across different disciplines. Project, Manufacturing, Repairs,

  • Enable faster quoting by your sales team with intelligent parametric configurators 

  • Display self-service dashboards, so your people know what to do and when to do it 

  • Automatically schedule resources and revise on the fly to meet changing demands

"We tried for years to locate a partner and solution that would handle our needs, but we always hit roadblocks. Turnkey got us past those roadblocks with a 'We Can!' attitude and a drive to meet our needs."

~ Controller, DNA Genetics

Achieve Operational Excellence

Turnkey Technologies adds significant value to our clients by meeting specific industry needs with custom development. For example, we have a turnkey solution for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

We specialize in creating solutions to solve your biggest headaches.  

  • Ensure consistent straightforward messaging to customers with clear communication between sales, finance, and service delivery teams

  • Capture actual time and expense and recognize revenue based on flexible revenue methods 

  • Provide transparency with customer-facing project portals 

  • Simplify management of internal and external resources 

  • Integrate seamlessly with back-office applications like Finance and Inventory

  • Better manage your business and drive operational excellence from one application

"We wanted to go live on our new system very quickly - within 30 days. Turnkey Technologies did not hesitate when we presented our rather aggressive timeline. They ran side-by-side with us during the implementation and provided great insight, training, and support."

~ CFO, Trapp Technology
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