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Turnkey Technologies has the know-how to help manufacturing organizations compete

Turnkey Technologies, a leading Microsoft ERP provider for 27 years, helps manufacturers in various industries produce more, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies with an end-to-end ERP business management solution from Microsoft Dynamics 365. We enable Microsoft technologies to work together seamlessly for midsize to Enterprise organizations.

Lean on our extensive experience working with process and discrete manufacturers to configure, customize, and integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other critical applications to meet specific process and reporting needs.

Your Microsoft Dynamics manufacturing solution will be tightly integrated with your supply chain and additional software, ensuring the critical information you track is available to every department in real-time.

Industry Trends

Challenges for the manufacturing sector persist. Wholesale manufacturers face near-continuous disruptions globally that are forcing them to adapt. Analyzing manufacturing trends can help organizations turn risks into advantages and capture growth. 

  • Workforce shortages in the Manufacturing sector
  • Supply chain challenges are acute and still unfolding. 
  • Smart factory initiatives
  • Cybersecurity threats increasing

Manufacturing Executives initiatives:

45% will increase operational efficiencies through IoT connecting machines and automating processes

53% plan to enhance data integration for supply and demand visibility and planning

50% will invest in robots and cobots

85% will increase cyber attack prevention

Cited: Deloitte's US 2022 Manufacturing Outlook

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Let's get started.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of social and community service managers is projected to grow 17 percent from 2019 to 2029. This growth is expected to be much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. Specific to the human services field, employment of community and social service specialists is likely to increase by 14 percent in that same period.


As facilities grow in physical size and population, so must their employee base expand to serve the needs of their residents and the guest who visit them.

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"The Turnkey staff were fantastic during and after implementation. They are experts on every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and we can always pick up the phone and give them a call if we have any questions."

~ CIO, Hoy Shoe Co.

Top Industry Challenges

Workforce shortages  – Wholesale manufacturers still face record numbers of unfilled jobs, which limit productivity and growth

Need for analytics – Manufacturers need an accurate view of key indicators (KPIs) to manage raw inventory levels, stay on top of transportation costs, and plan around customer demands outpacing supply.

Supply chain disruptions – Manufacturers face near continuous disruptions globally – the effect is added costs and slower performance

Improve margins – Manufacturers must continuously protect their margins. Areas of focus are sourcing, pricing, and supply chain

Forecasting – Uncertainty makes it difficult to predict how much to make and adapt to customer demands.

Tired Technology -  Many manufacturers operate with fragmented, legacy business management systems. Modernizing ERP systems has become a priority for the sector to take advantage of emerging technologies. 

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Benefits to expect with Turnkey Technologies by your side:

  • Smart factory initiatives – Turnkey can bring the "Art of the Possible" to life through Microsoft technology. We deliver connected, reliable, and predictive processes in the plant. Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to create predictive analytics to keep your manufacturing lines running without disruptions


  • Attracting an eager workforce – Turnkey can help you reduce costs to enable investments in retaining and attracting talent for manufacturing positions. Turn around worker shortages by offering the latest technology advances and framing a flexible work environment 

  • Gain visibility across the supply chain – Turnkey professionals can provide dashboards with indicators that help you take actions based on facts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP connects all your departments for better collaboration and to see the big picture

  • Keep raw inventory levels optimal – We'll show you best practices to keep manufacturing flowing and reduce inventory spending. Turnkey can help you source vendors with tools to help you evaluate their performance and pricing

  • Forecast with confidence – Turnkey professionals enable you to plan material and capacity requirements, schedule production, and achieve accurate sales forecasting. 

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  • Get accurate costs – Our team can ensure that you always have the true costs and margins in real-time. Manage complex and volatile transportation costs with Microsoft state-of-the-art solutions

  • Automate replenishment – We can help you buy the right items at the right time with AI-based tools. Replace spreadsheets with automation for fewer errors and reduced work 

  • Give customers what they expect – Your competitive advantage starts at the first contact. We deliver one connected ERP that provides instant information to move your business forward. 

  • End-to-End Optimization – Turnkey provides solution expertise to optimize your entire operation. We understand manufacturing and know how to address operational bottlenecks and apply the right technology to solve your most complex challenges. Streamline and automate every manufacturing activity: 

  • Manufacturing Orders

  • Standard Costing

  • Routings

  • Bill of Materials

  • Engineering Changes

  • Work in Process

  • Quality Assurance

  • Inventory 

  • Job Costing

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