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Business Process Improvement

Create an Efficient Elegant Workflow

Identify Bottlenecks
Optimize Performance
Improve Quality

Turnkey Technologies understands Business Process Improvement best practices for multiple industries. Our professionals apply business process automation to improve an organization's efficiencies while remaining GAAP compliant.

Company managers who rely on guesswork to improve processes suffer from a pile-up of never-ending projects rife with errors. Unmonitored business processes allow critical tasks to fall through the cracks.

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Turnkey has a disciplined methodology to determine your business process improvements.

We conduct detailed requirement analysis workshops to determine business process fits and gaps and empower you to meet your revenue goals quickly and reduce operational costs. 

These workshops help to:

Thoroughly review every business process in scope for a fit within Dynamics 365 or a GAP that requires a 3rd party solution, integration, or custom application.

Identify disparate systems to be integrated. Ideally, connect all processes and eliminate time-consuming manual interventions.

Reveal bottlenecks or non-standard processes that are blocking progress. We visually map the flawed process, analyze and redesign the workflow, create a plan, and monitor and optimize once implemented.

Examine your current state vs. future state.

Create a risk/reward evaluation for the executive team.

Our consulting team will zero in on remedies that block productivity:

Get rid of paper-based processes

One of the most significant improvements for an organization is eliminating the stacks of unnecessary paperwork. Operating with paper-driven processes wastes time. Efficiency studies calculate your workforce may lose 20% of their day searching for information. With modern technology, you can cut costs and produce more value by going paperless.

Speed up repeatable document preparation

If your people are busy sending information between emails, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets by hand (and fixing the human errors), they cannot focus on their core competencies. 

Instead, efficient organizations use business process improvement methods to expedite the document prep process. Implement an automated quality check for errors. Create templates that automatically populate from the data in your system.

Reduce manual errors

If your workers use manual spreadsheets to prepare for a presentation, they waste time. Manually keying in data prone to errors can put the business at risk. One formatting error can adversely affect the outcome and any decisions that follow. 

Multiple studies reveal that nearly 88% of spreadsheets contain errors concerning 9 out of 10 spreadsheets. Most of the mistakes were avoidable human errors.

It is more accurate and efficient to leverage the data in your ERP system to reduce human intervention and the resulting errors. 

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Turnkey Technologies offers a straightforward path to identify and correct processes that are blocking growth for your organization

You don’t have to do this alone. We'll help you improve your business processes so you can reduce time spent on unnecessary tasks, improve the quality of your products and services, and gain a higher level of compliance. 

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Find out how to empower your organization with Digital Transformation.

Turnkey Technologies helps you Crawl, Walk, Run rather than Run, Fall, Crawl.

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