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Artificial Intelligence

Create a Modern Automated Office

Artificial intelligence (AI) combines many different technologies to allow machines to learn, understand, and act with human-like intelligence. Turnkey Technologies applies Microsoft AI capabilities to help organizations achieve operational goals and improve customer services and internal workflows. We help you leverage machine learning and natural language processing to create a modern automated office.

Improve Customer Service
Automate Repeat Tasks
Get More Done
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Think of AI as an extension of what humans can do, not a replacement.

Most business people are familiar with Artificial Intelligence used in chatbots or digital assistant applications. Both of these are examples of Artificial Intelligence applied to a single task or closely associated tasks. 


Although AI has evolved considerably, human intelligence is still needed to make sense of the data. Machines can perform better than their human counterparts for data processing tasks, but it takes human intelligence to evaluate which data is essential.

The Turnkey team improves your efficiencies with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence to:

Reduce costs, improve processes

Artificial Intelligence can help you identify and automate time-consuming, complex processes.


Save labor costs with automated frontline support. Implement an "always-on" 24/7 customer bot to expedite connections to human resources.

Add Artificial Intelligence robots to boost productivity on the manufacturing floor.

Automate repetitive document production such as service agreements directly from CRM.

Autonomous service call creation from IoT sensors on equipment or automated upon receipt of an email interaction.

Enable AI interaction with data/analytics to identify areas of opportunity/concern and direct humans to act.

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Let's get started.

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Simplify complex processes with Power Apps

Turnkey Technologies can develop or empower your team to create applications to solve problems using Microsoft's human-friendly tools. Solve process problems quickly with Power Apps, a simple-to-use, no-to-low code application builder. 

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Boost labor productivity and enjoyment

Improve employee satisfaction by automating mundane activities to free them to do more fulfilling tasks. Give them higher-value work, change how they do their jobs, and strengthen their contributions to drive growth. 

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Automate decision making

Scan all documents to become searchable with OCR technology to support a paperless, efficient environment. Use rich analytics and predictive patterns to enhance human intelligence. With access to accurate information, everyone in your organization can improve the quality and effectiveness of their decisions.

Go to Market Faster

Use Power BI analytics to quickly uncover gaps and opportunities and introduce new products and services at a speed that was never possible before. Connect to CRM data to analyze the best-fit prospects to target.

Offer superior customer service

Leverage the steady flow of insights from machine learning to get closer to your customers. Use real-time information to provide personal, high-touch customer experiences to win repeat business and satisfy customers.

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Find out how to empower your organization with Artificial Intelligence.

Turnkey Technologies helps you Crawl, Walk, Run rather than Run, Fall, Crawl.

Ready to Get Started?

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