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Nonprofit Industry

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Doing Good Just Got Easier with Cloud-Based Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources in a Single Solution

Nonprofits often operate for public or social benefit. If tax-exempt, they must ensure that all revenue generated is committed to the organization’s purpose, not to enrich private parties. 


They face stringent compliance requirements and are under intense scrutiny and continuous pressure to deliver accurate results with specific accounting challenges. In addition, they must achieve all of this with constrained budgets.

Work with a world-class Microsoft Partner with the industry know-how to solve your challenges

Turnkey Technologies works hand-in-hand with various nonprofit organizations in the Human Services, Assisted Living, and Tribal Government sectors to help them meet unique requirements for accounting, compliance, and reporting.

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We offer Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Cloud ERP for superior accounting, detailed audit trails, and affordable subscription pricing. 
Are you coordinating and overseeing programs to support the well-being of communities?
Are you struggling to meet compliance requirements within your budget?
Are you challenged to meet the reporting and operational requirements for your organization?
If so, Turnkey Technologies can provide the business software and industry knowledge to create a modern automated office tailored to how you work.

Our skilled consultants will find out how your people do their work and make the software work for you, not the other way around. Best of all, we not only know how the software works, but we know industry best practices to help you get more work done.

Industry Trends

There are many reasons for the growth of nonprofits, including human services, assisted living, and tribal government jobs in the United States. Your organization may require infrastructure changes to provide ongoing quality services to the aging population in the coming years.

The US population continues to age. Human Service organizations will need to provide additional meal delivery services, adult day care options, and other social services for the elderly.

More individuals seek drug treatment facilities as courts mandate treatment rather than criminal prosecution. 

New services to meet the pandemic’s continuing effects on the population.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of social and community service managers is projected to grow 17 percent from 2019 to 2029. This growth is expected to be much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. Specific to the human services field, employment of community and social service specialists is likely to increase by 14 percent in that same period.


As facilities grow in physical size and population, so must their employee base expand to serve the needs of their residents and the guest who visit them.

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Top Industry Challenges by Sector

Nonprofit Organizations, Regardless of Specialty or Area of Discipline

1. Limited Government Funding, but must meet high expectations

2. Income stability and accurate budgeting, without having the appropriate tools

4. Not running like a business, with the bottom line ignored or at risk

5. Talent retention in a competitive and growing field

3. Pressure to provide results and strategic solutions

Assisting the Elder

Assisted Living

The assisted living industry faces numerous obstacles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the over 65 population will reach 74 million by 2030, with approximately one in every five people being older adults. Senior life trends are profound and complex in staffing, care management, and food cost management.

The growing number of seniors who still want to live an active and social lifestyle and the pressures to meet the needs of residents with evolving requirements puts pressure on facilities without data-driven capabilities.

Tribal Government

In the United States, there are over 570 officially recognized tribes that are ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse. According to 2018 US Census population estimates, 6.9 million persons in the United States identify as American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN). While the majority of Native Americans live in cities, some rural places may have a higher Native American population. 

Some of the critical issues faced by indigenous peoples, and the organizations that seek to assist them, are:

  • Land alienation

  • Poverty and indebtedness

  • Health and nutrition

  • Cultural dilution and degeneration

Some federal initiatives are hampered by a high number of employee vacancies, insufficient financing, and management flaws putting the federal government’s management of tribal-serving programs on the High-Risk List. 

In addition, the lack of the presence of a contact database with accurate contact information for consultation with key tribal members on infrastructure issues, such as pipelines and potable water, obstructs federal agencies’ ability to understand and solve tribal needs effectively.

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Top Challenges Solved

Turnkey Technologies offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help your nonprofit:

  • Improve security with a cloud platform offering built-in security features for remote work

  • Reduce costs with a single productivity solution 

  • Affordable subscription model to reduce infrastructure and predict costs

  • Anywhere productivity: Get more done and stay connected with your staff and constituents, whether you’re working remotely or onsite

  • Collaborate in real-time. Chat, call, or meet online

  • Functionality specific to Nonprofit entities

Benefits to expect with Turnkey Technologies by your side:

Meet compliance requirements

Facilitate staff onboarding, manage training schedules and protect residents/clients from mix-ups; keep track of and document every action, such as medication distribution or follow-up with key stakeholders; meet governance requirements with ease and confidence. With electronic signatures, audit logs, and automatic data collection, you can automate and ensure data integrity.

Enable review by exception

Achieve more for residents or stakeholders by improving efficiencies. Streamline documentation to facilitate quick decisions and eliminate wasted time. Eliminate errors and the time wasted fixing them. 

Guide and support workers

Make it easier for staff to get up to speed when introducing or updating new policies. Include media-rich content with thorough, easy-to-understand job instructions. Workflows will help you protect your operations, ensuring that your residents’ needs are attended to and facilitating data collection

Work smarter and faster

Gain significant advantages by leveraging technology to improve efficiency. Empower your people with complete financial management, data analytics, and communication collaboration. Turnkey Technologies can equip you with business software management that makes it easier to do what you do best – care for the people in our communities with invaluable services.

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Our years of experience working with Microsoft Technology enables us to assist with innovative technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advanced analytics to transform your Nonprofit to efficiencies.

Need a specific solution to meet your organization’s unique needs? We can tailor your favorite Microsoft software, such as Microsoft Teams, to get the most value for your business. 

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Turnkey Technologies can help your nonprofit with: 

Turnkey Technologies adds significant value to our clients by meeting specific industry needs with custom development. For example, we have a turnkey solution for the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

Finance and Procurement
HR Management
Payroll Administration
Scheduling and
Time Entry
  • Cloud transformation

  • Communication and collaboration

  • Security and privacy

  • Data analytics

  • And more

"We wanted to go live on our new system very quickly - within 30 days. Turnkey Technologies did not hesitate when we presented our rather aggressive timeline. They ran side-by-side with us during the implementation and provided great insight, training, and support."

~ CFO, Trapp Technology
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