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Turnkey Technologies Named Top 100 ERP VAR by Bob Scott

Updated: Feb 15

Bob Scott Top 100 VARs 2023
Bob Scott Top 100 ERP VARs 2023


Chesterfield, MO - Jun 23, 2023 - Turnkey Technologies, a leading national partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications for Defense manufacturing, Medical Device manufacturing, Project Services, Small-Medium Business, and more, is proud to announce that we have been named a Top 100 ERP VAR by Bob Scott.

Choosing a top-rated ERP consultant is a strategic decision that can bring numerous benefits to an organization. First and foremost, a top-rated ERP consultant possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in implementing and optimizing enterprise resource planning systems. Their extensive experience across various industries equips them with a deep understanding of business processes, enabling them to tailor ERP solutions to meet specific organizational needs. By engaging such a consultant, companies can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

“In tough economic times, it is crucial that companies work with Top ERP consultants upon whom they can rely to deliver as promised. Risk reduction is a key element of every ERP project. You can count on Turnkey to deliver ROI, Reduced Risk, and Innovation.”

Chris Gherardini, President, Turnkey Technologies

Moreover, top-rated ERP consultants provide invaluable guidance throughout the entire implementation process, from system selection to post-implementation support. They offer comprehensive project management, ensuring smooth transitions and minimizing disruptions to daily operations. Their expertise enables them to identify potential challenges, mitigate risks, and optimize system performance. Additionally, they provide training and support to empower employees, ensuring successful adoption and maximum utilization of the ERP system.

Choosing a top-rated ERP consultant offers organizations the assurance of a seamless and successful ERP implementation. Their expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence can revolutionize business processes, drive growth, and position companies for long-term success in today's dynamic marketplace.

Turnkey Technologies is that reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Partner that you need and stands ready to deliver the industry leading workplace transformation about which you dare to dream.

About Bob Scott Executive Editor, ERP Global Insights

Bob Scott has been informing and entertaining the mid-market financial software sector with his email newsletters for 24 years. And he has been covering this market through print and Internet-based publications for 32 years, first as technology editor of Accounting Today and then for 12 years as the editor of the former Accounting Technology. He has been executive editor of The Progressive Accountant and ERP Global Insights (formerly Bob Scott’s Insights) since 2009.

About Turnkey Technologies A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

Since 1994, Turnkey Technologies has delivered real business process modernization, improvement, and Return on Investment (ROI) to hundreds of businesses from Small-Medium (SMB) to Enterprise. Our experienced team brings deep technical and functional expertise across numerous industries with emphasis in Defense Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Project Services, and more. Valet service and an extraordinary customer experience are the hallmarks of our mission, and we stand ready to deliver the real improvements that our customer need to compete in the 21st century.

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Chuck Coxhead Phone +1 (888)876.5393

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