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About Turnkey Technologies, Inc.

You've landed in the right place to accelerate your business

Are you struggling to select a unified platform and business system that fits your company and industry?

Would you like to have one single resource to lean on to solve all the issues impeding your operations?

Are you ready to go beyond surviving to leap to profitability?

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Welcome to Turnkey Technologies, Inc.

We're all about helping organizations grow, streamline operations, and mitigate risks. Since 1994, we've been championing SMBs, Mid, and Enterprise players, leveraging Microsoft 365 Business Applications to unlock data insights, productivity, reduced risk, and reduced operational costs.

Industry Focus:

Our Industry Focus spans several segments:

A partial list:

Medical Device Manufacturing

Ensuring traceability and compliance

Government Contracting

Facilitating DCCA compliance in Accounting and Finance.

Discrete Manufacturing

Ensuring smooth product flow from raw materials to end product.

Defense Manufacturing

Prioritizing compliance and robust supply chains

Professional Services

Navigating Revenue Recognition in IT, Engineering, and more.

Tribal Government

Upholding data sovereignty and security.


Addressing productivity amidst labor challenges.

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Let's get started.

What Can You Expect from Us?

  • A customer-centric approach focused on building trust.

  • Long-term partnership solving your challenges.

  • Personalized support with rapid responses.

  • Quick Solution methodology ensuring exceptional time-to-value.

  • Full support for current and legacy solutions.

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We don't like them either.

We align with your goals and budget, laying out activities and costs transparently in our Statements of Work.

We're Committed to Excellence 

  • Standing behind our work with a 'Do it Right' or 'Make it Right' ethos.

  • Delivering services within 10% of the budget, with flexibility for changes.

  • Over 30 years of expertise and countless satisfied clients attest to our reliability.

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Need a Reference?

We have hundreds of happy, long-term customers willing to vouch for us.

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