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Change Management

Move From Your Current State to a Future State Painlessly

Boost Staff Confidence
Reduce Risk
Stay on Schedule

Turnkey Technologies understands the importance of change management. We know that even when an organization transitions to new technology and meets all the technical requirements and milestones, it can still fail to see results and benefits. The missing ingredient is Change management.

Business Discussion

We ease the pain of moving from where you are to where you want to be.

Turnkey Technologies uses change management best practices to move organizations from their current state to a future state. Our leadership team includes a fully trained and certified Prosci method expert who guides our highly skilled professional team. We have completed over 40 projects successfully through our human-friendly approach.   

Whether transitioning to a new ERP system, implementing a specific project, or introducing new business processes, our professionals use their skills to ease the pain of change. 

Individual change management builds organizational agility

Ultimately, we recognize that organizations are made up of people, and it is the people who change. Change isn't easy and can cause stress and burnout for employees. 

The degree of user adoption can make or break a project.

You can have the best solution and the right technology, but the individual's ability to transition and change the way they work means success.

When change is poorly managed, you can lose your people, or they might revert to the old way of doing things.

When your team is confident, trained, and sees the benefit of doing things differently, your whole organization can pivot when needed.

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Let's get started.

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Turnkey Technologies keeps employees focused on the goals and positive benefits by:

  • Hosting executive sponsor meetings to address stakeholder concerns.  

  • Helping the executive sponsor craft a message on why the change is essential. 

  • Applying a disciplined approach to tackle the many tasks involved.

  • Encouraging work-life balance to avoid overwhelming the staff.  

  • Ensuring employees feel heard and supported 

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Our approach empowers employees to feel confident

Our formal phased methodology provides user adoption and gives confidence to your people to deliver organizational goals and outcomes. We prepare, equip, and support them to adopt the changes that come with new technologies successfully.

  • We help them get comfortable working in the new system with step-by-step training, one-on-one, and in a group. 

  • Our team thoughtfully listens to each participant to fully understand the requirements. 

  • We adjust to each individual's learning and communication style to gain buy-in along the way. 

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Find out how to empower your organization with Change Management.

Turnkey Technologies helps you Crawl, Walk, Run rather than Run, Fall, Crawl.

Ready to Get Started?

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