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ERP Services

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Experience the perfect blend of technology, finance, industry consulting, and project delivery know-how with Turnkey Technologies.

The highly skilled Turnkey team methodically brings your business vision to life with our deep Microsoft technology experience. We listen thoughtfully and align your ERP business system to fit best practices for your industry. 

Our Dynamics team consists of software developers and consultants spanning numerous industries, as well as CPAs, former CFOs, and other decision-makers that have lived your struggles and are experts at overcoming them. 

We help you envision what’s possible with current technology and offer a roadmap to rely on for success.

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"Turnkey Technologies was instrumental in providing us with robust ERP and eCommerce platforms. These sophisticated tools help us reduce costs, increase sales and serve our customers better.”

~ Owner, Aerial Bouquets



Looking for an experienced Microsoft partner you can trust?

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Join hundreds of satisfied customers who rely on Turnkey Technologies to guide them through the complexities of implementation to success. 

Rapid time-to-value

Better business processes make for happier customers and employees, and they also help facilitate your ROI. Working with Turnkey, you'll get a direct path to your ROI through clearly defined metrics aligned to your goals.

There’s no substitute for experience

With over 25 years of ERP implementation experience, we apply our passion for business process optimization through solution configuration, integrations, and easy-to-manage customizations that map your solution to your specific needs while remaining cost-effective.

Success with Turnkey Technologies by your side

Every software implementation we deliver follows a streamlined and collaborative approach, aligning all stakeholders and ensuring transparency throughout each and every project. We'll guide you through each step of the process so you can understand what to expect as we get you up and running on your new solution.

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Let's get started.

"We tried for years to locate a partner and solution that would handle our needs but we always hit roadblocks. Turnkey got us past those roadblocks with a 'We Can!' attitude and a drive to meet our needs."-

~ Controller, DNA Genetics
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Integrations & Customizations

Meet your unique industry needs

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions are flexible and come well-equipped out-of-the-box to deliver the comprehensive functionality most businesses need. However, many companies desire customizations or integration with other applications to meet unique industry requirements and optimize daily workloads. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got them covered.

We are masters of Dynamics 365 ERP 

We’ve likely already created a solution for your issue

Turnkey's services are cost-effective and provide rapid time-to-value, with key integrations, customizations, and other enhancements already developed to reduce project budgets and timelines.

We know the core functionality inside-out in Dynamics 365 ERP and can architect a streamlined workflow to match your needs.

As a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization partner, our skillset spans the entire landscape of application development, integration, and business process optimization. 

With more than 25 years in business, we have delivered hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics customizations for clients nationwide.

Business Team
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Upgrades and Maintenance

Equipping users with the latest technology, the most innovative features, and an agile competitive advantage is the main focus of Turnkey Technologies. To make sure this happens, Turnkey is always integrating the most recent Dynamics upgrades. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers predictable, seamless updates that keep your solution running at peak performance.

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For cloud solutions:

Upgrades are included in your subscription, assuring you are always current on the latest version of the software. 

For on-premise solutions:

We recommend that you stay current on new Microsoft Dynamics versions to take advantage of these benefits. As software ages, it becomes outdated and less compatible with newer operating systems and other applications. Support becomes more challenging, and possibly more expensive the further your software ages.

Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics ensures you not only get to take advantage of new features but receive quality technical support for your solution. 

Customers enrolled in a customer services program through Microsoft receive their Microsoft Dynamics upgrade every six months at no additional charge.

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Training & User Adoption

Give your people the confidence to do their job

Technology can only make an impact in your organization if it's put to work! Turnkey will ensure you not only understand how to use your software's features but that it becomes a standard in your operations and loved by your people.

Training costs should not be a barrier to achieving your goals. That's why we offer high-value training courses at an affordable rate. 

You have choices. Train remotely from the comfort of your computer, or train on-site in your facility. We are flexible and can match your learning style.

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Support Services

The Turnkey team is dedicated to delivering fast and reliable resolutions to all support requests. Cases are escalated according to their urgency and sensitivity. The response is guaranteed within 24 business hours, but we typically make initial contact within one to two hours.

If the case is received after normal business hours, we evaluate and escalate the case according to its urgency. For crucial cases received over the weekend, we always respond – we get that that business does not stop for our clients.

Phone Support
Call 888.876.5393
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"I always have a good experience with Turnkey. They are the Jedis. I always feel smarter and in good hands when working with them. We don't have any support without Turnkey and they're always available to steer us straight when we're in trouble."

~ Tim Day, Domaine

Learn how Turnkey Services help our clients achieve faster time-to-value.

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