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  • Luke Caldwell

Cycle Counting: A Proactive Approach to Inventory Management

From our partner: Insight Works

Cycle Count Scheduler

Cycle counting is crucial for effective inventory management. Instead of conducting a yearly complete stock take, cycle counting offers a systematic approach to counting inventory items during normal operations. This proactive method brings numerous advantages:

  1. Accurate inventory records: Cycle counting maintains accurate inventory records, offering real-time visibility into stock levels and locations.

  2. Reduced stock discrepancies: By conducting cycle counts regularly, stock discrepancies are minimized, mitigating the risk of order delays or cancellations.

  3. Optimized order quantities: Accurate cycle counting aids in optimizing order quantities, reducing holding costs, and preventing stockouts or overstock situations.

Traditional Challenges of Cycle Counts

Although cycle counting brings significant benefits, implementing a cycle counting system can pose challenges. Here are some common obstacles faced by businesses:

  1. Time consumption: Conducting cycle counts can be time-consuming, especially in large warehouses with a wide variety of products. This process can disrupt regular operations and consume valuable resources.

  2. Errors: Manual cycle counts are susceptible to human error, leading to inaccurate inventory records. Miscounts, data entry mistakes, or incorrect item identification can negatively impact order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

  3. Resource allocation: Manual cycle counts require dedicated staff, diverting resources from other crucial warehouse operations. This challenge is magnified for businesses with large or diverse inventories, necessitating a higher staff requirement.

Introducing the Cycle Count Scheduler for Business Central

Cycle Count Scheduler from Insight Works

Insight Works, a renowned provider of operational productivity solutions, introduces the Cycle Count Scheduler - an innovative application designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This cutting-edge tool revolutionizes inventory management by automating the cycle counting process.

The Cycle Count Scheduler utilizes state-of-the-art technology to generate cycle count schedules based on multiple parameters, such as item velocity, location, type, and frequency. This advanced functionality enhances precision and efficiency in cycle counting. The application is offered at no additional cost to subscribers of Advanced Inventory Count, another impressive solution within the Insight Works suite of applications.

How Cycle Count Scheduler Addresses Traditional Cycle Counting Problems

The Cycle Count Scheduler offers a breakthrough solution to the traditional challenges associated with manual cycle counts:

  1. Increased efficiency: The primary function of the app is automated scheduling. By generating cycle count schedules based on parameters like item velocity, location, type, and frequency, the Cycle Count Scheduler minimizes time and resource requirements for cycle counting. This automation empowers employees to focus on other critical warehouse operations.

  2. Improved accuracy: Leveraging automation in counting and data entry, the Cycle Count Scheduler significantly reduces the potential for human error. This feature enhances the accuracy of inventory records, leading to more effective order fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

  3. Greater flexibility: The Cycle Count Scheduler enables businesses to perform cycle counts using mobile computers. Alternatively, paper-based counts can be performed for companies that prefer or need to use traditional methods. This flexibility makes the Cycle Count Scheduler suitable for various business contexts and operational needs.

Getting Started with Cycle Count Scheduler

Getting started with Cycle Count Scheduler is a straightforward process. Businesses need to first subscribe to Insight Works' Advanced Inventory Count. This solution simplifies inventory and cycle count processes by offering comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools. Subscribers can then utilize the Cycle Count Scheduler app, enhancing their ability to conduct efficient and accurate cycle counts.

The Cycle Count Scheduler for Business Central represents a significant turning point for businesses aiming to optimize their inventory management. By addressing the traditional challenges associated with cycle counting, it offers the potential for improved efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in inventory management. When combined with Insight Works’ Advanced Inventory Count, it provides a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to effectively control their inventory and make more data-driven decisions.

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