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122% Return on Investment with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Updated: Mar 27

Investment in ERP can be daunting. So, it is crucial to understand the quantifiable Return on Investment before charging in blind. Microsoft has commissioned a Forrester Total Economic Impact report for the Dynamics 365 Finance platform. The results are simply compelling.

Key Findings

  • 122% Return on Investment with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

  • Finance personnel productivity improvements by up to 55%

  • IT staff productivity improvements worth more than $400,000

  • Legacy cost savings of over $3.5 million

Unquantified Benefits

  • Visibility and access to real-time data improve business agility and decision-making

  • Improved system availability

  • Improved regulatory compliance

  • Quality of life improvements for finance personnel


“We had 10 years of finance data in various states of quality. We had a company that has a nearly billion-dollar footprint with nearly 20 different ways we were doing accounting, [and] none of which were perfect. We needed to align on a common system that didn’t require all these customizations.”

— Director of finance operations, consulting


Executive Summary

Dynamics 365 Finance uses the power of the Microsoft Cloud to drive global scale, financial dexterity, and operational proficiency while protecting existing investments. Organizations can use real-time insights to improve business outcomes and automated processes to promote productivity. Interoperability with other Microsoft solutions ensures business data is securely available with in workflows. Organizations can avoid additional hires, reduce burden on staff, and modernize disconnected legacy ERP solutions.

Download the Full Study


2022-07 Forrester Report Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
Download PDF • 831KB

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