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Adding ERP Financial Dimensions to a General Ledger Journal Using Excel

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Here’s a GL basic scenario Turnkey has helped many F&O customers resolve: The need to mass upload a GL journal with specific financial dimensions in Excel.

There are a couple of options that we make use of to tackle this situation:

1- Use Data Management Workspace.

Ignacio Knows ERP Financial Dimensions
Ignacio Knows ERP Financial Dimensions

Using the Excel Connector to Add Financial Dimensions to My GL Journal

Typically, the Excel Connector comes in handy, and that’s why it is the primary option used by the accounting departments.

However, the main issue being reported in the above-mentioned support tickets is the lack of understanding on how to add the financial dimensions to the Excel template in order to be able to add values like Department, Business unit, Cost center, etc.

Let’s look at how to add that field.


  • You need to have installed the Excel Data Connector add-in for F&O.

  • You need basic knowledge of how the connector works.

  • You need to have essential configurations that allow you to create and post a GL journal in F&O.

How To Add Financial Dimensions in Excel When Uploading a GL Journal

All right: let’s get into the meat and bones. We will need to add the field two times to the Excel template, as one will be assigned to the account and the other one will be assigned to the offset account.

· Step # 1 – Select the journal on which you would like to run the mass update.

· Step # 2 – Click Lines to open the journal and see the details.

· Step # 3 – Select the options Open in Excel > General journal line entry > Download in the top right corner. This will export the journal to Excel, but it would be still in your web browser.

Step # 4 – Click Download file so you move the file to your local computer.

Step # 5 – Ensure that the Data connector is enabled and running.

Step # 6 – Click Design to modify the template.

Step # 7 – Edit the Journal lines table.

Step # 8 – Add the first field need which is called “AccountDisplayValue – Account”. Then click Add.

Step # 9 – Add the second field need which is called “OffsetAccountDisplayValue – Offset Account”. Then click Add.

Step # 10 – Click Update.

Step # 11 – Click Done.

Step # 12 – Click Refresh.

All done! If you need further assistance with adding financial dimensions or any other needs for your GL Journals, don’t hesitate to reach out to Turnkey by contacting us.

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