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Case Study: Aerial Bouquets - ERP and eCommerce Implementation

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Business Challenge

Aerial Bouquets is one of the largest wholesale balloon and floral accessory distributors in the United States. Established in 1986, the company offers a wide range of products reflecting the most popular trends and styles. From intricate and elegant to zany and humorous, Aerial Bouquets has products suited for every occasion and age group.

Aerial Bouquets has experienced continual growth throughout the past few decades, so naturally the ERP system they started out with in the mid-80s eventually became inadequate as their needs became more complex. Because the system lacked automated features and analytic capabilities, Aerial Bouquets’ employees had to track inventory in spreadsheets and manually calculate estimations when ordering seasonal products. In addition to being time-consuming, these processes also occasionally led to shortages. On top of an insufficient ERP, Aerial Bouquets lacked an e-commerce platform and received all orders via phone and fax. This process became problematic when one of their largest customers announced a mandate to move all ordering to online B2B platforms.


Aerial Bouquets eventually teamed with Turnkey Technologies, Inc. to update their ERP. Turnkey moved them from their legacy platform to Dynamics GP in 2011 and delivered a GP upgrade in 2015. After Aerial Bouquets’ largest customer announced their B2B platform mandate, Turnkey tapped into an extensive ISV partner catalogue and integrated k-eCommerce with Dynamics GP. With these systems working together, Aerial Bouquets was able to increase sales, reduce labor costs and have accurate inventory forecasting.

Business Benefits

Inventory Insights and Forecasting

Thanks to inventory tracking in Dynamics GP, Aerial Bouquets has constant access to up-to-date inventory levels. These features have improved inventory forecasting and allow the company to have a clearer picture of sales over time.

Increased Sales

With the combined capabilities of Dynamics GP and k-eCommerce, sales at Aerial Bouquets have grown by approximately 20 percent. Orders from top clients increased thanks to the convenience of online order entry, greater order accuracy resulting from automation, and a stronger perspective on product trends throughout the year.

Reduced Labor Costs

Because they can track inventory in Dynamics GP and customers can now order online, Aerial Bouquets was able to reduce its staff by approximately 73 percent. This incudes a 20 percent reduction in sales representatives. These cost savings, combined with better sales, have led to a significant increase in Aerial Bouquets’ bottom line.

Client Comments

“Dynamics GP is the perfect solution for Aerial Bouquets. All our users love the data it allows them to access and drill into.“

"With Dynamics GP’s inventory features, it almost felt like we were cheating! We were so used to manual tracking and forecasting that it felt too good to be true that we could rely on our system to take care of it for us. It’s a relief to be able to free up the time and resources we spent on our old processes.”

- Katie Rennich, VP of Operations, Aerial Bouquets

"Turnkey was instrumental in providing us with robust ERP and eCommerce platforms. These sophisticated tools help us reduce costs, increase sales and service our customers better."

- Curt Terrace, Owner, Aerial Bouquets

About Turnkey

Since 1994, Turnkey Technologies has delivered real business process modernization, improvement, and Return on Investment (ROI) to hundreds of businesses from Small-Medium (SMB) to Enterprise. Our experienced team brings deep technical and functional expertise across numerous industries with an emphasis on Defense Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Project Services, and more. Valet service and an extraordinary customer experience are the hallmarks of our mission, and we stand ready to deliver the real improvements that our customers need to compete in the 21st century.

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