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Case Study: JS Logistics, Inc. - Full Dynamics CRM Implementation

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Case Study: Domaine - Dynamics CRM Data Migration

Technology Used

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Challenge

JS Logistics is a St. Louis-based distribution firm with a focus on three core areas that help maintain its leadership position – technology, people, and service. Providing delivery services since 1983, JS Logistics has in-depth industry experience and understands that managing time-sensitive deliveries depends on reliable, real-time information systems. The company invests millions in technology and continues to re-invest into the business for sustainable operational improvement.

JS Logistics wanted to update its software to position the company for greater flexibility and more integration opportunities in the future. A smooth, timely implementation is crucial in the distribution industry, so they needed a competent partner with proven expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Turnkey Technologies, Inc., St. Louis’ largest Microsoft Dynamics partner, had the insight necessary to deliver Microsoft Dynamics CRM the way JS Logistics wanted: quickly, easily, and affordably. JS Logistics knows that choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner is equally as important as choosing the right software. Therefore, Turnkey was able to seamlessly upgrade JS Logistics to the newest version of Dynamics CRM with minimal downtime.

Business Benefits

Benefit #1: Improved Performance and User Adoption

The functionality enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM helped make their

sales staff more efficient and more effective in their efforts with more robust tools

and logical workflows. JS Logistics uses the intuitive sales tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to reduce time spent checking action items and calendars. Plus, the improved user interface makes it easier for JS Logistics to glide through the application and get to their destination with minimal clicks.

Benefit #2: Easy Implementation with Minimal Downtime

Turnkey performed all the heavy lifting, allowing JS Logistics to upgrade onto Microsoft Dynamics CRM without pulling focus away from its everyday business

Operations. Thanks to Turnkey’s unique combination of best practices and insight, JS Logistics

experienced the minimal downtime possible for their upgrade. Turnkey’s implementation methods allowed the old system to continue operating throughout the project as long as possible before shutting down and converting to the newer system.

Benefit #3: Powerful Integrations for the Future

“We are looking to use the Connector for Dynamics to hook CRM into GP,” says

Pulizzo. By integrating the two systems, JS Logistics can harness full control over

their data and use it in more diverse ways to help them strategize, make more

informed decisions, and identify hard-to-spot trends.

Client Comments

On Communication:

“On our part it was very easy. Turnkey did a really good job when they did come across any issues. They kept us in the loop 100% of the time and they let us know what they were doing to resolve any problems and let us know when it was resolved and when they were moving on to the next task.”

-Jack Pulizzo, CRM Administrator, JS Logistics, Inc.

“I mean Turnkey…they were all over it. They were willing to work nights and weekends. Not everyone will do that, or if they do they’re going to charge you time and a half or plus…they were really responsive. I don’t even think an hour went by before they would respond to an email if we had a question.”

-Jack Pulizzo, CRM Administrator, JS Logistics, Inc.


About Turnkey

Since 1994, Turnkey Technologies has delivered real business process modernization, improvement, and Return on Investment (ROI) to hundreds of businesses from Small-Medium (SMB) to Enterprise. Our experienced team brings deep technical and functional expertise across numerous industries with an emphasis on Defense Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Project Services, and more. Valet service and an extraordinary customer experience are the hallmarks of our mission, and we stand ready to deliver the real improvements that our customers need to compete in the 21st century.

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