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Case Study: Oaktree Products, Inc. - Full ERP Migration and Implementation

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Case Study: Oaktree Products, Inc. - Full ERP Migration and Implementation

Business Challenge

Oaktree Products, Inc., a distributor and resource for the hearing healthcare industry, was stuck on a limited Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. After years of failing to provide e-commerce integrated into the ERP solution, the vendor ultimately wasn’t able to deliver the solution Oaktree needed. For Oaktree, this meant reinvesting in yet another ERP solution, one that would flawlessly support e-commerce while taking on the heavy demands of the business.

Aside from an integrated platform for e-commerce, Oaktree needed a dependable solution with less opportunity for error. Inaccuracies in business data indicated the solution was losing integrity and had more than 700 bugs that needed vendor maintenance. They needed an ERP solution that was reliable enough to run a business, yet flexible enough to accommodate expansion and future demands.


Microsoft Dynamics GP was chosen by Oaktree for a list of reasons that put it ahead of other alternatives. Dynamics GP has robust functionality, and performance does not deteriorate with a high user count. Backed by Microsoft, the world’s largest software developer, Oaktree had confidence in the longevity of Dynamics GP. Flexible deployment options allowed Oaktree to save on costs by starting out on the hosted version, then purchasing the licenses at a later date. Best of all, Dynamics GP can easily integrate with other applications to extend its capabilities, which for Oaktree meant finally having fully functional e-commerce.

Oaktree integrates multiple third party applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP to create the best experience possible for their customers. Azox (K-eCommerce) is used for e-commerce, while Coupa PunchOut is used to ease the process for B2B purchasing. StarShip is used to streamline and automate the order fulfillment and shipping processes.

Business Benefits

Improved Sales with Integrated Web E-Commerce Platform

Since implementing e-commerce through Dynamics GP, Oaktree has seen an increase in sales and now does 10% of its sales volume over the web. Data flows into Dynamics GP to automatically update Oaktree’s accounting data.

“Our website is now a significant feature of our offering. It’s able to do what we want it to do, and doing it quite well. When someone places an order through our website, it’s as if they’re actually at a GP desktop. So that is a live order that affects inventory, balance sheet, everything,” says Kemp.

Superior Customer Service

The web integration between Dynamics GP and Azox gives customers immediate access to relevant information on the user’s orders and invoices.

“A customer can log on with their customer number, they can see their open invoices, pay their bill, and do a lot of things that are very positive that you don’t normally see with a company of our size,” says Kemp.

Simplified B2B Purchasing

With the Coupa PunchOut integration, customers can select the items they wish to purchase from Oaktree’s website, get approval from their corporate headquarters, send out a sales order, and receive their invoice all in one streamlined process.

“There’s no paper involved at all, it all goes back and forth through those systems. Our goal is to go to some other prospects and see if we can’t use this as a lever to get other people to buy from us in the same manner,” says Kemp.

Improved Order Tracking and Order Entry

Oaktree’s sales order entry process is tied into their integration with StarShip for streamlined order fulfillment and tracking. Turnkey developed custom integration that allows shipments to be tracked directly from the sales order.

“When someone calls in asking about their order, all we have to do is pull up their account or document number and we’ve got a live link tracking number right on the invoice,” says Kemp.

Better View of the Business

Oaktree now has the confidence to lean into their software for making important, informed decisions.

“The ability to create SmartLists and drill down that information is a function that we’ve never had before, and it allows us to slice our business in a way we couldn’t do before. It gives us the ability to discern more knowledge from the information that’s in there,” says Kemp.

Client Comments

"Everything we've done with Turnkey and GP has been great. The project was on time, and the implementation was terrific. Frankly, we have a great relationship with Turnkey. We've gotten to know a lot of people over there personally."

“We really needed and wanted the integrated web platform, something that was sophisticated, multi-user, and expandable with our business. GP fit the bill for all that.”

“Everything we’ve done with Turnkey and GP has been great. The Azox project was on time, and the implementation was terrific. Frankly, we have a great relationship with Turnkey. We’ve gotten to know a lot of people over there personally; it’s a good deal.”

-Bob Kemp, President, Oaktree Products, Inc.

About Turnkey

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