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Case Study: Titan Spine - Microsoft Dynamics

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Business Challenge

Titan Spine is a medical device manufacturer that produces titanium endoskeleton surgical implants. They differentiate their product with a proprietary surface technology that is textured at the macro, micro and cellular level in order to promote new bone growth that supports the fusion process.

Given the crucial role these implants play in recipients’ health, wellness and physical ability, it has always been critical for Titan Spine to be able to track them from production to end patient. It previously used Fishbowl and QuickBooks for this purpose, but they eventually proved inadequate for Titan’s needs. Fishbowl couldn't handle the integration with QuickBooks due to technical limitations, and neither solution could handle the volume of data being processed. This caused the software to be slow, unresponsive and unreliable at times. Consequences included inventory inaccuracies, customer service issues, and lags in Fishbowl’s load times.

All these issues were barriers to scalability, and Titan Spine’s leadership realized they needed to adopt a new business solution that could accommodate their growth and provide them with enough computing power to make their data an asset instead of an hindrance.


During their search for new business solution software, Titan Spine was referred to Turnkey Technologies. After completing a detailed analysis of Titan’s business process requirements, Turnkey recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Titan signed on with Turnkey to implement the solution, and Turnkey’s team of Dynamics experts went to work. The team converted Titan’s financial and supply chain data into Dynamics 365 and integrated the solution with ImplantBase, a line-of-business application designed to manage surgical sets.

Turnkey also provided strategic customizations to support processes like sterilization, packaging, barcode label production and advanced business intelligence.

With a platform that can handle their vast trove of financial data, integrate with industry-specific systems, and provide modern ERP capabilities, Titan Spine is now able to devote more time to strategically planning company growth and further refining their elite products. All of this is possible thanks to Finance and Operations’ location in Microsoft Azure, which allows Titan’s business processes to be fueled by the power of cloud computing.


End-to-End ERP Functionality

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has allowed Titan Spine to unify the data previously stored in Fishbowl and QuickBooks within a fully integrated solution. The comprehensive functionality in Dynamics 365 encompasses financial management, procurement and sourcing, sales order management, production and inventory management, and business intelligence. Because of the breadth and depth of the core modules within Finance and Operations, Titan Spine has gained more than a replacement to their previous solutions: they have gained a tool that allows them to refine and expand the way they do business.

Integration with Industry Solutions

With Finance and Operations in place, Titan Spine is now able to integrate their sales order management and inventory processes with ImplantBase, allowing them to interact more effectively with the distributors who sell their products. Having Finance and Operations working in tandem with ImplantBase makes the sales process more efficient for Titan’s representatives and helps them optimize their inventory management and supply chain.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

In addition to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Titan Spine is now taking advantage of Power BI, Microsoft’s premier business intelligence platform. Power BI is integrated with Dynamics 365 and ImplantBase, so Titan now has access to comprehensive dashboards that allow them to drill down into critical financial and inventory data. For example, when viewing total sales figures, they can drill into numbers for specific regions and representatives. This makes it easier to compare sales over time to established quotas. Other Power BI insights include sales by product family, implant inventory, inventory value, and average costs. Their BI team plans to develop several more reports based on direction from Titan’s executives.

Client Comments

“Everyone is very comfortable using the Power BI dashboards. We are constantly impressed with what we are able to do and the insights we are able to gain from Dynamics 365 and Power BI.”

Madeline Bauer, Supply Chain Manager

“Our end-users are very happy with Finance and Operations. The straight forward, easy-to-use interface eliminates much of the frustration inherent in other ERP systems, giving our users the confidence they need to do their jobs.”

“We were extremely pleased with working with Turnkey. We have a very complex business, but their diligent team was able to weave Finance and Operations into our processes on a targeted timeline while sticking to scope.”

-Chad Kolean, Chief Financial Officer

About Turnkey

Since 1994, Turnkey Technologies has delivered real business process modernization, improvement, and Return on Investment (ROI) to hundreds of businesses from Small-Medium (SMB) to Enterprise. Our experienced team brings deep technical and functional expertise across numerous industries with an emphasis on Defense Manufacturing, Medical Device Manufacturing, Project Services, and more. Valet service and an extraordinary customer experience are the hallmarks of our mission, and we stand ready to deliver the real improvements that our customers need to compete in the 21st century.

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