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Choosing Between SharePoint and Dataverse for Power Apps: A Practical Guide

When building applications with Power Apps, choosing the right data storage solution is crucial for the success and efficiency of your app. Microsoft offers two primary data storage options for Power Apps: SharePoint and Dataverse. Each platform has its unique strengths and is suited to different types of applications. In this article, we will explore the scenarios where SharePoint might be the better choice and when you might want to opt for Dataverse, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

SharePoint and Dataverse

SharePoint: Ideal for Document Management and Collaboration

SharePoint is an excellent choice for applications centered around document management, collaboration, and content management. It integrates seamlessly with Power Apps, providing a user-friendly interface that many are already familiar with due to its widespread use within organizations.

Advantages of Using SharePoint with Power Apps

No Additional Cost: SharePoint comes included with your normal Power Apps license, which means there's no extra fee unless you use premium connectors.

Easy Integration: Power Apps offers straightforward integration with SharePoint, allowing you to connect to lists and libraries, retrieve data, and perform actions on them without complex setup.

Custom Forms and Workflows: SharePoint combined with Power Apps enables you to create custom forms and automate workflows. This is particularly useful for designing approval processes, notifications, or reminders that are triggered by specific events within SharePoint.

Enhanced Mobility: Build mobile apps that provide on-the-go access to SharePoint data, which is beneficial for users who need to access information or perform tasks remotely.

Use Cases

SharePoint is most beneficial when you are dealing with straightforward applications that require document storage, simple data manipulation, and when cost is a significant consideration due to the lack of additional licensing fees.

SharePoint - Select a data source

Dataverse: Structured and Scalable for Complex Applications

Dataverse stands out when your application needs a more robust, scalable, and secure data solution. It is designed to handle complex business applications that require advanced data manipulation, relationships, and security measures.


Advantages of Using Dataverse with Power Apps

Advanced Data Modeling: Dataverse allows for complex data models including sophisticated relationships, business rules, and data validation that go beyond what SharePoint offers.

Fine-Grained Security: Offers row-level security that is essential for applications requiring detailed control over data access and compliance with stringent security standards.

Scalability: Designed to scale more effectively than SharePoint, making it suitable for larger and more complex applications.


Licensing Cost: Dataverse requires a premium Power Apps license. This could increase the cost, especially if the application is intended for a wide user base within the organization.

Use Cases

Dataverse is ideal for complex applications that involve extensive data relationships, need strict data validation, and where data security is paramount. It is also suitable for applications expected to scale significantly or require intricate business logic.

Dataverse - Select a data source


Choosing between SharePoint and Dataverse depends largely on the nature of the application you are developing with Power Apps. For simple, content-driven applications that leverage document management and collaboration without additional costs, SharePoint is the preferable choice. On the other hand, for applications requiring complex data models, enhanced security, and scalability, Dataverse proves to be a superior option, despite the higher cost associated with its licensing. Carefully consider your organization's specific needs, potential growth, and security requirements to make the best choice between SharePoint and Dataverse for your Power Apps projects.

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