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Faster Warehouse with Dynamics 365 Mobile

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Supply Chain Challenges

As the supply chain was rocked by the impact from the pandemic, the already booming eCommerce business was further strained by massively increased demand coupled with labor shortages. Warehouses and Distributors around the world were challenged like never before to find ways to increase throughput in order to fulfill the incredible increase in the volume of orders.

DEMO Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain and Mobile App

Warehouse Labor Shortages and Productivity

With labor unavailable, more and more companies have moved from paper-based order picking to mobile computers and barcode scanners. This technology adoption dramatically improved productivity with easy to use Android devices with integrated barcode scanners from major manufacturers like Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, and more. "RF guns", as they are often called, have become standard issue in Distribution Centers. With these improvements in technology, warehouse productivity can easily improve from 10-50% when paper is eliminated and workers can pick and move without the need for further data entry and checking.

Hands-free and Wearable Barcode Scanners

Fortunately, in recent years, their have been even more advances in barcode scanning technology like ProGlove Mark family, Honeywell 8675i, and more. New wearable barcode scanners that allow for hands-free barcode scanning improve picking speed from 15-30%.

With all of the focus on mobile computing and barcode scanning hardware, it's easy to overlook the readiness of your ERP and WMS (warehouse management system) for mobile warehouse operations. In this area, Microsoft Dynamics 365 shines with a mobile application that directly handles your Inbound and Outbound material handling transactions using todays most innovative hardware.

This demo is just a glimpse into the new levels of ROI that you can achieve with Microsoft Dynamics Supply Chain.

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