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Field Service Management Software – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Updated: May 9, 2023

Field Service electrician installing electric cable wires and fuse switch box.

Field Service Management Software – Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. It’s the truth. In this age of consumerism, quick and efficient service is not only valued; it’s expected. However, with this growing opportunity to exceed the customer’s expectations, many technicians aren’t even equipped to meet the consumer’s basic needs.

This gap in expectations vs. reality is troubling, causing many to start looking for solutions. With Field Service Management Software, you can master the service call.

What is Needed?

Before we get into the capabilities of this powerful tool, we must realize what the company and consumers are wanting. Based on Verizon Connects’ study, the biggest struggles from field service companies are the daily tasks of “assigning jobs, managing customer expectations of transparency, and keeping track of their technicians”. At the same time, consumers are demanding more options, faster times, and greater visibility. 

The Single Solution

A field service management software that focuses on fulfilling customer expectations is needed. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service solution does just that: equipping field agents with a suite of powerful, connected tools that enable them to meet (and hopefully exceed) customer expectations. 

The Answer to your Problems

Let’s look at how this unified field service management solution can fix the problems companies previously had:

How could this software help me assign jobs to my field agents?

With the built-in schedule board tool, it becomes easy to ensure that the right worker is assigned to the right job. There are a couple of options that you can use to go about this, including manual scheduling, assisted scheduling, and automated scheduling.

Manual Scheduling: Use the schedule board to show your required projects and available agents. With a simple drag-and-drop input, it becomes easy to assign the nearest available technician to the job. Having this setup at your disposal is great for less complex requirements.

Assisted Scheduling: Based on a specific upcoming order, the scheduling assistant can advise you which resources are best suited to take on the job. There are many inputs that the scheduling assistant takes into consideration, including how long the project is expected to be, project priority, the specialty of the task, project location, and more. This allows for a quicker workflow where you can use these suggestions to dispatch the best technician for the job.

Automated Scheduling: This Allows organizations to automatically schedule items based on being optimized to hit a specific goal. That goal could be a multitude of things, including maximizing the technician’s time working, minimizing the amount of technician travel, or scheduling the highest priority items first. This eliminates the headache for the dispatcher, as they can be comfortable knowing that they are being efficient as possible with who they dispatch to work on an item.

How could this software help me be transparent with my customer?

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, companies can focus on ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction. With self-service appointment scheduling combined with location information on their technician, customers can feel continually “in the know”. Once the service is completed, customer insights can be relayed to the organization through Customer Voice – a real-time customer feedback tool that can be used to answer questions and fix future problems.

Additionally, proactive services become a business reality with Dynamics 365 Field Service. Instead of the old break-then-fix business model, corporations can be informed of possible issues before they even happen with machine learning technology and IoT monitoring; customers can be contacted before they’re aware that something has gone awry.

How could this software help me keep track of my field agents?

Technicians using Dynamics 365 Field Service can enable location sharing. This allows dispatchers to have real-time updates on where their agents are. This powerful benefit can tie directly into the schedule board tool discussed above, allowing the current location to be a variable for the dispatcher (or Automated Machine if it decides to go with that route) to see and make the best decision for deployment.  

Next Steps

Field Service Management Software has the power to transform the way you look at the service call. Turnkey Technologies would love to help you utilize this power. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Turnkey Technologies empowers B2B, mid-sized to enterprise organizations to optimize their data and processes to achieve more, in less time, with less expense, for over 27 years. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we turn our magic using Microsoft technologies, our singular focus. We support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance & Operations, CRM, and more with a professional team that is dedicated and trained in all things Microsoft.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics 365 Field Service, check out the link below:


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