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PROBLEM: Dynamics GP Client Hit With Ransomware

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

In total 29 databases were encrypted. They had no current backups.

Ransomware Happens...Got Backups?


After file decryption, the databases were corrupted and recovery tools were executed on the files to salvage as much information as possible.

Even after recovery, large portions of the database files were still corrupted (wrong sort order, missing columns in rows, large swaths of data rows completely missing, tables mangled, etc) so we had to develop a set of procedures on the fly to restore the database files as much as possible.

We still needed to refer to backup files over a year old to piece in missing data as well as GP file maintenance tools to add “color” to the database files.

After an exhaustive five-month process, their Microsoft Dynamics GP system was pieced back together and the accounting team was able to resume all pre-breach activities.


Turnkey can set up a SQL backup strategy and procedure. Backups must be off-loaded from the server and saved elsewhere.

Redundant and robust backups are crucial. Backups must be tested regularly and stored off-site.

Simply put, your company mission and the mission of your customers depends upon your availability and resilience. Turnkey Technologies recommends that you treat your backup process as if your job depends upon it, because it just may.

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