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Save 40% When You Migrate Dynamics To The Cloud

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Have you considered moving your On-premise Microsoft Dynamics products to the cloud?

According to a report by Forrester Research, the average lifespan of an on-premise ERP solution is approximately seven years, and during that time, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can increase by 61%. Additionally, the report found that maintenance and support alone can account for 54% of the TCO for an on-premise ERP solution.

The good news is that migrating your on-premise Dynamics business application to the cloud can deliver 109% ROI and a 6 months payback*.

Moving business operations to the cloud has the potential to significantly enhance organizational performance by enabling better productivity, capabilities, and insights. Businesses have frequently experienced that cloud migration leads to increased automation, improved user experience, minimized rework, and better forecasting which in turn results in an overall boost in productivity across the organization. Furthermore, cloud-based real-time data analysis and streamlined processes can improve forecasting accuracy, reduce waste, enhance product quality, and prevent delays, thereby benefiting the organization in multiple ways.

With the new Bridge to Cloud 2 promotion from Microsoft, this migration is even more attractive with a 40% discount.

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Bridge to Cloud 2 Promotion Details**

Client Eligibility

  • This promotion applies to customers migrating from most Dynamics on-premises perpetual products purchased through DPL to functionally similar Dynamics 365 online (NAV, GP, AX)

  • Commercial customers with Commercial Cloud SKUs on New Commerce Experience (NCE). There are no EDU or GOV specific offers included.

  • Existing customers only: The customer’s original Dynamics on-premises product must have been licensed prior to September 1, 2022.


  • 40% discount on the standard commercial list price.


  • 3 year fixed (non-renewable) term


  • Dec 31, 2024

Additional Benefits

  • Dual Access Rights: During the promotional term, customers may continue to use, expand, and upgrade their legacy on-premises system while completing the migration without purchasing additional EP. Other EP benefits like affiliate license transfer remain available during this period. (Note: Expanding the number of on-premises users requires purchase of additional on-premises licenses).

  • Monthly billing: Most eligible products in NCE offer annual and/or monthly billing options, with CSP partners determining which of the available billing terms to make available to each of its customers. Note: Although payment terms may be monthly, annual or something else, all online subscriptions eligible for this promotion have a fixed 3-year (non-cancellable) term.

This promotion is intended for customers committed to migrating to the cloud. Customers returning to or remaining on on-premises licenses after the promotional period who want Enhancement Plan (EP) benefits are subject to normal backpay and penalty policies.

*Download the study

2020-07 The Total Economic Impact Of Migrating From Microsoft Dynamics AX To Microsoft Dy
Download • 807KB

**This promotion is governed by the official Microsoft Terms and Conditions. Other requirements and restrictions may apply.

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