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Turnkey Reaffirms Commitment to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Updated: Apr 30

Recently, Microsoft announced that new client subscription licenses of Microsoft Dynamics GP would cease on April 1, 2026, with perpetual licenses discontinued a year earlier. This obviously sounds like drastic news for the Microsoft Dynamics GP ecosystem as no new GP client adds will occur after those dates. As a GP customer, one might rightfully ask, “What’s that mean for me?”

Microsoft Dynamics GP Dashboard
Microsoft Dynamics GP Dashboard

In short, nothing. It means nothing to existing GP clients, as Microsoft has committed to regular updates through at least 2028. Your existing ERP investment will continue to function and you will be able to continue running your business on the stable and mature Dynamics GP platform. New ISV solutions and integrations will roll out and Partners will continue to innovate, streamline, and harden the august GP solutions. It is true that Microsoft will maintain its push for cloud computing, with Business Central the logical migration step for many Dynamics GP installations. However, for those unwilling or unable to move to the cloud, Dynamics GP will continue to be supported by the Partner and user community well past the stated five-year time horizon.

"This change doesn’t impact Microsoft’s plans for providing necessary regulatory/security/usability updates for Dynamics GP beyond this date. Longer term, we will recommend new customers seeking an on-premises ERP solution consider Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises or Dynamics 365 for Operations on-premises, Enterprise Edition." - Microsoft Spokesperson

To that end, Turnkey Technologies is committing long-term to Dynamics GP for at least ten years, and likely for much longer. We are here to support your Dynamics GP ERP system as Microsoft releases tax, regulatory, and feature updates, and we will listen to you and your business needs to develop customizations, integrations, and extensions to GP. We will leverage newer technologies to give your ERP system a boost where needed, using solutions such as the Power Platform for business intelligence and workflow automation, as well as existing tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for paginated and tabular reports. We can be your first tier for day-to-day support tasks and we will utilize the latest and greatest integration tools such as SmartConnect to facilitate business automation and the ongoing digital transformation. The Dynamics GP ISV community is very robust and ever-changing, and it is imperative that all stakeholders in the GP ecosystem continue to innovate to maintain the Dynamic GP system investment. Turnkey is no exception. We are always reviewing newer and potentially better ways to deliver dynamic solutions. We are unequivocally stating that we will remain steadfastly committed to the Dynamics GP platform. We are ramping up our GP practice and adding more resources and team members to ensure our customers, current and future, can rest assured that someone will always be available to address any concerns or new business needs. Let’s face it: businesses change, and accounting requirements can change along with the business. Dynamics GP can change, too, and we can guide you and your business through uncharted waters.

Of course, for many of the Dynamics GP customers, moving to Business Central makes sense, and we also have a presence and expertise in that realm to honestly and efficiently advise if a move to Business Central is a sound strategy or if there are more powerful ways of utilizing Dynamics GP with bolt-on ISV solutions, customizations, or integrations. Switching ERP systems is expensive and disruptive but streamlining and introducing efficiencies into the existing environments can yield high-impact results over a shorter timeframe. We can work with your operations and accounting teams to synergize business needs with accounting necessities to create a bespoke ERP solution, with Dynamics GP as the underlying platform. Let us be the steward of your Dynamics GP system now and into the future.

Turnkey is committed to Dynamics GP, to our customers, and to our employees.

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