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Why move from a Legacy ERP System to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Updated: May 9, 2023

People around a desk smiling and discussing a move from a Legacy ERP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why move from a Legacy ERP System to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Data migration from your current system to a new Dynamics solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can seem like a daunting task. Many companies know that they are needing an upgrade from their current legacy system but don’t know the best way to go about integrating a separate solution.

Is an ERP Migration Necessary? 

Do you find yourself saying:

  1. I need to reduce costs and realize a greater ROI

  2. The business has exceeded our homegrown or 3rd party system

  3. We need better processes for collecting and analyzing my data

  4. Our current systems feel disconnected and don’t communicate with each other

  5. Our current system doesn’t provide actionable insights to help me keep pace with my competition

  6. The system we use is too rigid and can’t be easily customized or integrated with modern platforms

  7. The various departments and teams need to be able to collaborate more easily

  8. I struggle with demand forecasting based on recent market trends

These narratives are sadly very common among businesses frustrated with the performance they are getting out of their current ERP system. Whether it’s lacking technical knowledge or manpower to set up complex programming configurations in Sage solutions or not being able to grow your business with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great way to move forward with a modern ERP platform.

Business Central allows for easy configurations to give you the best information possible, great customer service, and most importantly, the ability to grow and expand your business. 

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Let’s face it: it’s a big decision to move business management solutions; Microsoft is trying to make it as seamless as possible. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, all of your processes and people are unified into a single solution; this allows you to view your data anytime, anywhere, enabling quick and seamless collaboration company-wide. 

Other aspects of Business Central to consider: 

  1. Rapidly deploy and onboard. Deploy solutions and onboard users in days or weeks to innovate and drive business outcomes in less time. 

  2. Harness data everywhere. Connect to hundreds of data sources out-of-the-box, or easily create your own connectors with seamless Office 365, Azure, LinkedIn, and third-party data sources. 

  3. Modular and purpose-built. While Dynamics 365 Business Central provides business management across financials, sales, service, projects, warehousing, supply chain, and manufacturing in a single solution. It is also built using the only business cloud platform to bridge ERP and CRM with modular, purpose-built applications.

  4. Elevate teamwork. Business Central seamlessly integrates with familiar Office 365 productivity and collaboration applications, like Microsoft Teams. Information can be seamlessly accessed and shared with market-leading tools to collaborate across roles, teams, and business divisions.

  5. Generate continuous insights. Unrivaled insights from the most complete and integrated AI solutions drive better outcomes across every line of business.

  6. Connected end-to-end. Only Dynamics 365 unifies customer and business data, relationships, and workflows on a single cohesive business cloud. Accelerate business growth with seamlessly connected, end-to-end business applications to optimize operations, empower cross-functional innovation, and better engage customers. 

  7. World-class security and compliance. Protect and secure your business and customer data with identity protection, role-based access, encryption, and auditing and logging. 

How Can Turnkey Help?

Turnkey Technologies has the experience to help – serving regional and national clients since 1994. We strive to make meaningful relationships with our customers and get to know their business processes; we provide solutions that address the present needs as well as consistent guidance for how to achieve long-term goals.

Customer Testimonial

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Turnkey Technologies empowers B2B, mid-sized to enterprise organizations to optimize their data and processes to achieve more, in less time, with less expense, for over 27 years. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we turn our magic using Microsoft technologies, our singular focus. We support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Finance & Operations, CRM, and more with a professional team that is dedicated and trained in all things Microsoft.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, check out the link below:


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