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Invite AI to Your Team and Watch What Happens

Updated: May 9, 2023

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Improve Customer Service, Automate Repeat Tasks, and Get More Done.

Anyone who detests lugging a lawnmower or vacuum around won't be surprised to learn that there are significant advantages to paying someone else to do the work for you.

In a recent article, "Buying Time Promotes Happiness," published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, working adults report more happiness after spending money on a time-saving purchase than a material one.

Paying someone else to do the work at home also applies to the office. Feel free to invite time-saving AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to your team at work and watch what happens!

Utilizing various technologies, AI enables robots to learn, comprehend, and behave intelligently in ways comparable to humans. Let's examine how AI can influence the client experience in more detail and how you can use its processing capacity to automate repetitive tasks and free up your time to get more done.

According to a Matthew Woodward survey in the U.K. in 2022, 54% of firm executives believe that deploying AI in their company has greatly enhanced productivity, and 79% of executives believe that AI will likely simplify jobs and boost productivity.

In another study conducted by Accenture, by 2035, AI could boost company profitability by an average of 38%.

Watch what happens when you invite AI to the team:

Reduce Costs, Improve Processes

AI will cut expenses and streamline procedures by removing the need for you to carry out tiresome tasks. It's widely used for many time-consuming tasks, particularly labor-intensive and low-skilled ones. Employees can be relieved of tedious tasks, resulting in a significant improvement in the working environment. Inviting AI to the team means that employee assignments will move away from boring jobs bringing substantial and positive change in the workplace through the possibility of up-and cross-training.

For instance, AI is used in the automotive industry to do repetitive tasks such as performing routine operations on the assembly line. Here are some other examples where AI may be used:

  • Automating the frontline help to reduce labor costs by using a customer service bot that is "always on" around the clock to speed up connections to human resources

  • Use CRM to automate the creation of repetitive documents like service agreements

  • Enable AI to engage with data and analytics to pinpoint areas of opportunity or concern and guide people to take appropriate action

  • Use robots with AI to increase production on the factory floor

  • Creation of service calls automatically from IT sensors on machinery or following email conversation

Simplify Complex Processes with Power Apps

With Power Apps, a straightforward, no-to-low code application builder, process issues can be resolved rapidly. Microsoft's user-friendly technology means that applications may be designed to streamline complicated operations while giving your team the resources they need.

Your organization can benefit from AI Power Apps by using Power Platform to connect applications, databases, teams, clients, suppliers, and workers, helping your business in various ways. Countless Apps can be created for your convenience in:

  • Knowledge and article searching

  • Field service appointment scheduling

  • Employee onboarding

  • Manufacturing that boosts quality control

  • Collecting and analyzing financial documents

  • Applications for employee health and safety

  • Web portals with both internal and external users

Boost labor productivity and enjoyment

AI can directly improve employee productivity and has many benefits. One of the greatest of these is increasing work satisfaction and employee happiness.

AI can reduce human intervention to solve a customer service problem, creating a positive customer experience and a streamlined internal process.

AI can also help your customers navigate support queries where chatbots can answer common questions and direct users to online resources for help. This automation means your customer service team has fewer field requests, allowing them to focus on higher-demand customer needs.

AI chatbots help direct support requests to the correct department or provide context about a support request to the agent before they engage the customer, which can help streamline the support process.

Inviting AI to the team improves employee satisfaction by automating mundane activities to free them to do more fulfilling tasks. It can empower employees by providing higher-value work, changing how they do their jobs, and strengthening their contributions to drive growth.

Automate Decision Making

Not long ago, we depended on manual data collection, a healthy dose of guesswork, and intuition to make critical business decisions.

By employing AI, we can scan all documents to make them searchable with OCR technology to support a paperless, efficient environment. We can use rich analytics and predictive patterns to boost human intelligence, and everyone in your organization can improve decisions because they have access to accurate information.

Humans may not always be consistent or reliable in our judgments, but we still bring valuable skills to the table. AI in decision-making has a place, too.

The degrees to which AI and analytics can pursue quicker, more reliable, flexible, and higher-quality judgments at scale are represented by decision automation, decision augmentation, and decision support.

The decisions at various stages of the decision-making process fluctuate depending on who (or if AI) makes the decision.

  • Decision Automation predictive or prescriptive analytics are used by the system to make a choice. Its advantages include quick decision-making, scalability, and consistency.

  • Decision Augmentation using prescriptive or predictive analytics, the system suggests a decision or perhaps many decision options. The synergy between human expertise and AI's ability to quickly evaluate large amounts of complex data is where its advantages lie.

  • Decision Support is made by human personnel with the assistance of descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive analytics. Its key advantage is the application of human knowledge, skill, and common sense, including "gut feel" and emotions, along with data-driven insights.

Go-to-Market Faster

Use Power BI (Business Intelligence) analytics to quickly uncover gaps and opportunities and introduce new products and services at speeds that were never previously possible. Connect to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data to analyze the best-fit prospects to target and create stunning visual reports.

Microsoft Power BI is a high-level, all-in-one solution for data analytics in the discipline of data science. Some advantages of using Power BI include:

Easy Integration with Existing Applications: Power BI integrates effortlessly with your current business environment, making it much simpler to develop analytics and reporting capabilities.

Customized Dashboards: A company's needs can be catered to when a customized information dashboard is created for a seamless user experience.

No Storage or Performance Limits: When moving an existing BI system to a reliable cloud environment with Power BI integrated, there are no memory or speed restrictions, ensuring that data can be fetched and analyzed effectively.

Reports that are safely published: Power BI allows users to obtain the most recent data by enabling automatic data refresh and securely publishing reports.

Offer Superior Customer Service

AI is a game-changer for customer experience (CX) in our always-on, hyperconnected culture. A survey by Epsilon and GBH Insights showed that most consumers (80%) in the retail industry want and now expect customization. Leading companies employ AI to give customers a tailored, seamless, and relevant experience.

You can leverage the steady flow of insights from machine learning to get closer to your customers. Plus, you can use real-time information to provide personal, high-touch customer experiences to win repeat business and satisfy customers.

AI gives you the tools and cutting-edge insights to support you in making that reality for your users by:

Predict Customer Needs and Behavior

An AI tool called predictive personalization can make a customer's experience seem custom-made for them. And that's what will turn a customer into a loyal, repeat customer – and possibly a brand ambassador.

AI can forecast which products a consumer might be interested in or alert them when it's time to place a new order by looking at past purchases and behaviors.

Enhance Omnichannel Messaging

There's a big chance that your customers interact with your brand in several contexts – through your website, apps, social media channels, and customer support platform.

AI can assist your company in smoothly connecting all these channels to produce an omnichannel customer experience. How? By giving the impression that all your brand's channels are integrated and regularly working as a single, seamless unit. Why? Because the customer experience only matters to the individual customer who is experiencing your offering.

Marketing Begins to Be More Specific and Successful

Big Data (powered by AI) and behavioral psychology work together to improve your ability to forecast how your customers will react to your marketing messages. AI is now incredibly effective at understanding and influencing consumer behavior. Based on their behavior and psychological profiles, AI can assist you in identifying and segmenting your clients. You may develop a customized message that is more likely to persuade and motivate them to make a purchase.

Retain Customers

Your ability to keep consumers grows exponentially as AI develops. With AI, you can focus and prioritize based on actual data instead of conjecture. Features like uninstall tracking, for instance, turn user loss into insightful data that can be used to both fix customer retention issues and create winning re-engagement initiatives.

Pre-Qualified Leads that Increase Conversion

Making a purchase must be a simple, stress-free process for your clients if you want to provide your company with a competitive edge. AI chatbots can assist in addressing customer inquiries through preprogrammed questions and responses. Your business can qualify leads using an AI-enabled Q&A process. Before referring a potential consumer to sales, your chatbot may help determine whether your product is a good fit as it answers questions. You may help your customer and sales team by using AI chat to assist with pre-sales inquiries.

Content is Increasingly Customized

By enabling you to thoroughly study client behavior and interests, then give customized information like product recommendations, AI alters the customization game by improving your customer engagement skills. Consider being able to nurture your users over the entire customer lifecycle. AI-powered solutions provide you with control over that capability. AI-guided customization at every touchpoint makes it easier for customers to interact with your business.

The capabilities of AI and the numerous ways it is transforming the customer experience are still untapped. As AI and ML continue to advance, clever businesses and platforms find creative new applications for this powerful technology.

Turnkey Technologies applies Microsoft AI capabilities to help organizations achieve operational goals and improve customer services and internal workflows. We help you leverage machine learning and natural language processing to create a modern automated office.

Find out how to empower your organization with Artificial Intelligence. Turnkey Technologies helps you Crawl, Walk, Run, rather than Run, Fall, and Crawl.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact a Turnkey Specialist to evaluate how AI adoption can accelerate your company's success.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Turnkey Technologies empowers B2B, mid-sized to enterprise organizations to optimize their data and processes to achieve more, in less time, with less expense, for over 28 years. As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we turn our magic using Microsoft technologies, our singular focus. We support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement aka CRM, Modern Workplace, Power Platform, and more with a dedicated and trained professional team in all things Microsoft.


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